Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Because I Can...

Since I didn't get to participate in BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes on December 17th because I already had company (are mothers considered company?) and was anticipating a whole lot more company and was freaking out in the total nervous breakdown sense of the word at the very thought of all of these people being in my home, I thought I would go ahead and share the pictures I took anyway. Just because I can.

And if I don't, then I will lie awake in bed tonight thinking about what you people must think of me because I had BooMama's little Christmas Tour of Homes bloggy button on my sidebar, yet I didn't show any pictures. I would be a bloggy anathema, y'all.

I am nothing if not neurotic people. Just ask Monk.

So, for your post-Christmas enjoyment...a few pictures of Christmas - our style.

Hope's first Christmas ornament. My sweet sister T. bought this for her which made it extra special.

This was also my feeble attempt at taking an artsy picture.

The camera and I are not friends.

This was our fireplace and mantle on Christmas morning.
All the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that mommy and daddy would stock them with...good stuff! So my rhyming could use a little help, so what!
I ordered brand new stockings this year from Pottery Barn with all the kiddo's names embroidered on them. Very sweet. Expensive. But still sweet.
My Christmas tree collection is atop the mantle.

A portion of my Christmas tree collection up close and personal like.

And finally, our tree. Our tree is themed with red, white and silver. It has mostly a candy motif which I have collected over the past 3-4 years. I finally found the perfect start to go atop our tree! From where? No other place but Target!

Unfortunately, the DVD racks couldn't find a different home and made their ugly selves into the picture. Blast them.

And that completes our Christmas tour for 2007. While I enjoyed having all the pretties out for a while, I'm glad they are put away. Well okay, they're down and boxed, just not in the attic yet because well, certain males in our household haven't gotten that far. But we won't mention any names now will we MONK!

Thank-you all and may you have a very Merry January. (See? I can rhyme!)


mindi said...

Wow - you have a gorgeous home! Please come over and decorate mine . . .

Michelle said...

Thank-you Mindi. You only saw the clean parts! lol! And the parts without holes in the wall the size of a small child..perhaps a 3 year old. :)