Monday, January 21, 2008

Because He Was Congested and I Felt the Need to Consume Large Amounts of Calories

Monk and I have been fighting "The Crud" for the last week. We've been taking copious quantities of Echinacea and Vitamin C as well as trying to get enough rest. (ha!)

Unfortunately, on Saturday morning Monk woke up very congested with a cough. He told me it had been a rough night. He felt like he was coughing razor blades. Ouch. So he slept while me, Sis and Hope did things in the kitchen. Okay, Sis and I did things in the kitchen. Hope played in her little saucer thingy and drooled. Cute drool though.

When Monk finally got up I felt so sorry for his misery that I made him some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Piping hot and ready to soothe any scratchy throat. He was appreciative to say the least.A bowl of get well goodness

Well, in all of my efforts to make Monk feel better I worked up a mighty fine sweet tooth. I deserved something sweet for all that work, right? By this time I had lost Sis and LiverPie to my sister's house and it was just me and the Hopester in the kitchen. We decided to make chocolate chip cookies. Lots of them.

Oh yes. Little cookie dough soldiers all lined in a row.

Have mercy! Can you hear that? It's cookie dough balls screaming, "eat me, eat me!"

So, I made 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I froze 3 dozen of them so we can pop them in the oven when the sweet tooth monster rares its ugly head. Which is every day, so these probably won't last too long.

I also baked a dozen of them. There are no pictures of them because I became so enamored with eating them I forgot to take any pictures. I We had them all eaten by Saturday night. Oh the poundage of it all!

They were good, y'all.


mindi said...

Just send some of those cookies my way!!

Hillary said...

MMM...Cookies. They look so good! Hope Monk is feeling better!