Saturday, January 19, 2008

Looky What We Got

This is the actual Neighborhood Market that is now less than a mile from my house! It opened officially this past Wednesday, but I kept forgetting to take a picture of it until today. I've only been there 4, yes 4, times since Wednesday. It's Saturday. Y'all do the math.

Actually, I went there twice the opening day because I ruined 5 pounds of ground round and had to go back for 5 more pounds. Feel free to weep for me. Mercy knows I did. I was making a double batch of chili (one to freeze) and I used the last two jars of canned tomatoes that my mom and I canned summer before last. I dumped them in without smelling them because well, that's what I always do. Then I smelled something weird and said to myself, "Self, that's not right". Turns out one jar was bad. Go figure. I've used a 18 jars of this stuff and managed to save the worst for last. I've always wondered what botulism smelled like. Now I know.

I'm finding myself somewhat hypocritical on this whole Neighborhood Market thing, however. I'm always talking about "moving to the country" and if we had land (which is our family vision), etc, etc... But y'all, what am I going to do when I don't have a Neighborhood Market within a 3 mile radius? What if I ruin the chili then, huh?

I'm such a wimp.

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pregador27 said...

We have three Wal-Marts with-in a ten mile trip from our house- on less than 2 miles, one about 6 miles and one about 9 miles. There is talk of another one going up about 7 miles away.

I remember when we had one 7-11 and an Eckerds (drug store, now bought out by CVS)- 31 years later we have 3 WalMarts. That is progress!