Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Clarification, If I May

As I re-read my previous post earlier this evening, some things popped out at me. Things that are bugging me. Things that make me paranoid. Things that I assume people who don't know me will think about me or Monk.

Psychotic? Perhaps. But I will clarify so as not to lay in bed all night wondering if you people are thinking these things about me. As if y'all have nothing better to do with your day than to think things about me, right?

So, here are the clarifications that will allow me and my presumptuous self to rest peacefully. Well, as peacefully as one can while nursing a 6 month old during the night. (And no comments from my friends who have nursing 4 month olds who already sleep through the night! You know who you are! ;))

1. When I asked my husband to take me to Target during my meltdown, it was not for shopping purposes. I just needed to be with him for a while. I would have been happy if we had gone to the Dollar General parking lot. Target is what popped out of my mouth as I have Target on the brain quite a bit.

2. My husband did not buy me shoes to make me feel better, nor did I expect him to buy me any. I saw the shoes, tried them on and he offered to buy them. As tempting as it sounds to self-medicate with shoe purchases, this was not that occasion. I can think of other occasions where a nice heel purchase has made me feel considerably better, but this was not that occasion. This was a husband doing something nice for his wife.

3. The Starbucks? He totally bought that to make me feel better. Plus, he wanted a Caramel Macchiato.

Whew! So glad to have that off of my chest. All is now well with the world and you people can stop thinking things about me and get on with your lives as well.

My psychotic side thanks you kindly.


Mrs. Elliott said...

Oh, Michelle! I think we definitely are kindred spirits (only your brave enough to actually write a "retraction" post to clarify yourself, not that *I* am ever paranoid that I've written something others might misinterpret, me paranoid? never!) Your husband is very sweet for knowing you so well and taking you out for a special time. You are still on my heart and in my prayers girlie, take care of yourself!

Lizardbreath said...

Who me comment? Keep writing praises of that wonderful man of yours.