Monday, January 14, 2008

I Joined the Club, Won't You?

Alright people, I have been assimilated. I joined PaperBack Swap. And might I say...I LOVE IT!!

All those books at my fingertips...makes me break out in an all out sweat just thinkin' about it!

What? You've never heard of PaperBack Swap? For shame. What is it? Weelllll, let me enlighten you my friends.

PaperBack Swap is an online book club. A free online book club. Did y'all hear me now?


This is how it works, check it out.

It is a book club that lets you select books that other members have posted. Their books. Their books they no longer want. It costs you nothing to get the book. Nothing. As in Nada. Nil. Zero Dollares. They pay the shipping to get the book to you. Which isn't much at all.

What do you have to do? You start by simply posting 10 of your books you no longer want.

What was that? A collective gasp! Yes people, it's time to part with some of those books. I didn't think I had anything to get rid of either and then...I went nuts.

When you initially post your 10 books, then PaperBack Swap will give you 2 credits. These 2 credits will allow you to choose any 2 books your little 'ol heart desires. There are over a million books listed. You will find something you like. Trust me. Or you can save them and hoard them and go on a book selecting spree all at once!

Then, when someone picks one of your books and after you mail them that book, you will earn another credit and so on. This is how the free works. Yes, you pay the shipping (a little over $2), to send books, but in return you get all sorts of free books.

The great part is if after you receive a book you've picked and you've read it, you can turn around and re-list it if you want. Clear as mud?

Here is my current scenario:

I listed 10 books Saturday afternoon. I received my 2 credits. I did not want to spend them...yet. By Sunday afternoon someone had selected one of my books.
(I had put money into my PBS (that's fancy lingo for PaperBack Swap) account on Saturday to be able to print pre-paid postage labels on my computer so I wouldn't have to run to the post office every time I turned around - this step is optional)
I simply printed off my pre-paid postage label on my computer this morning, wrapped the book up and stuck it in my mailbox. Done.

The great perk about doing the PBS account is that since I use their printed postage labels I was able to get an instant credit for mailing the book. Otherwise, I would have to wait until the person I sent it to received it and then marked it on their account that they received it.

So, this afternoon I was up to 3 credits. I have since let The Madgirl spend one of my credits on a book she's been wanting. We are nothing if not book readin' people, y'all.

Anyway, not sure if I've made it clear on how this works or if I've totally made you want to crawl in a hole and never read again. If you would like to know more just mosey (you DO know how to mosey, don't you?) on over to PaperBack Swap and take a look around. It really is quite thrilling if you're a book lovin' individual like myself.


If you click on my little PaperBack Swap linky over on my sidebar it will take you there immediately. And if you sign up, then I will get a credit! That would mean another book for me! Or Monk! Or my children! You want us to have books, don't you?

So, what are you going to do?

1. Click on the PBS linky in my sidebar.

2. Sign-up by listing 10 of your own books.

3. Get 2 instant credits for signing up and listing 10 books.

4. Do the Happy Dance.

5. Spend seconds, minutes, HOURS combing through all those wonderful
books you now have at your finger tips!

6. Sleep well because you know that you supported this family's book lovin' habit.

7. Convince others to sign up so you can have more free books too!

Come on. What are you waiting for? The books are there for the taking people!


Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

Get some books!

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mindi said...

WOW - when I get home I am SOOO doing this. The last time I took my books to 1/2 price books, I got a whole DOLLAR for about twenty of them. Never again!!