Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Little Fellowship Never Hurt Anybody.

Especially the Baptists. Even the Reformed ones. It seems that where there is a gathering of Baptists, there is an abundance of food. And vice-versa. This past Saturday was no exception.

Our youth hosted a Spaghetti Lunch for anyone and everyone who wanted to attend. Of course it had the whole I-talian feel to it as well. Tables were decorated with grapes and sparkling ciders (we are Baptist after all) and some pretty nifty I-talian music was playing in the background as we mingled.

The music was totally stellar because it was provided I am a lover of the I-talian style of music and when fellas like Andrea Bocelli and Pavarotti sing, it just melts my buttah! This song? This song just kills me. It can make me bawl like a baby and I don't even know what they're saying. Not like I need any help in the bawling department, but I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the fellowshippin' with y'all.

Madgirl and her friend H. doing a little preparation in the kitchen. I had to take a picture 'cause she's actually doing something in the kitchen. A rare thing, ya'll. Rare.

Monk and my friend Lizard Breath enjoying some pre-eating fellowship.

This, my friends, is ambiance.

This, my friends, is one cute Baby Girl!

The main course. Which I might add did not include sauce of the jarred variety. This had fresh garlic, onions and a myriad of other good ingredients. I was impressed. Really.

Liv and her friend, K., a.k.a. The Princess. Y'all know what this is?

This is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!! Be very leery of cute, blonde-headed, little girls that have the Dark Gift.

Sis and her friend S. Too cute to not post it.

Sweet, little Baby J. just got all tuckered out and I couldn't resist a photo opportunity. He's a doll, ain't he?

Ah, yes. And yet another cute photo of Baby Girl. She and Baby J. have already been somewhat betrothed. Lizard Breath and I are desperately trying to be related somehow. I just want in the family so I can get their Christmas Caramel recipe! Dang, it's good!

My beautiful, delicate flower of a daughter showing everyone just how much she is like her mother. Now if she could only say "Ralph" when she burps as well, I'm quite certain we could be mistaken for twins. I am most certainly proud.

For crying out loud! Lay off the sauce, will ya kid!
Oh, I jest.
It was just such cute picture that I couldn't resist taking it. Yes, I am awful. But she is cute.

And that would conclude the photo show. I realized that I didn't take a whole lot of pictures other than those of my children. What can I say? I am biased. I just love'em too much not to take pictures.

We had such a great time and then... I got sick. It started with a tickle in my throat, but by the time we left I had a sore throat and my ears were hurting.

Needless to say, I wasn't able to attend Worship today and that was a bummer. I love my church, I love my friends and I love their fellowship. When I'm not able to be with the body of Christ I feel as if a part of me is missing. As it should. I'm so glad to be a part of a church family that loves one another and can come together and fellowship like we do.

Like I said before. A little fellowship never hurt anybody. Especially me.

But for now? I'm gonna go snuggle in bed with my husband and Baby Girl and fellowship there for a while.

Who says you can't sleep and fellowship?


Shelly said...

Aw! We so wanted to be there, too! But we thought it was best to stay away for one more day just to be on the safe side. I hear ya on wanting the fellowship though. We'd been away for 2 weeks & were so happy to be back yesterday, even though some folks were still nervous to stand near us! :)

Michelle said...

We missed y'all too! I am very glad your vomitous feelings have left the building!

Jedi Miller said...

I wanted to eat spaghetti :( it look yummy. oh well guess we can wait till next time.

Jedi Miller said...

oh and I'm back to blogging now so enjoy :)

mindi said...

Looks like you had fun, and I LOVE the rolls on baby girl. Too adorable. I need to get my church to do something that cool . . .