Friday, January 25, 2008

I Would Love to Say This is Us...But it Isn't

Once again we were put on high alert. The ice is coming. Once again I began in earnest preparing to be hunkered down at home for the day. I love nothin' better than a good ice storm. Unless it's a good snow storm. But hey, this is just ain't gonna happen

So, I went to the store and bought all the necessary ice storm-just in case we lose power sorts of items. You know, water, fire logs, chocolate, extra food, those sorts of things. I had The Boy bring up lots of firewood to the deck so we could all stay warm by the fire in midst of our frozen fortress.

I went to bed with the anticipation of waking to some beautiful scene from....some movie. A veritable icy wonderland, if you may. Lo, and behold, what do you think happened?

I got nuthin'.

Just lots of rain and whole lot of nuthin'.

So, in my hour of mourning I've decided to self-medicate. I'm making homemade cinnamon rolls. And just out of spite, the girls and I might still sit around the fire consuming large quantities of cinnamon rolls and drinking buckets of hot chocolate. After all, it's only 34 degrees outside and we still need to stay warm and toasty, right?

And it is Friday Night Pizza Night, so we can follow up our sugared up stupor of the day with lots of carbohydrates and fat-laden cheese for the evening. But lest you think I am totally irresponsible nutritionally, I want y'all to know that I have incorporated whole wheat flour into both, the dough of the cinnamon rolls as well as the dough for the pizza. I am health conscious that way.

And just in case you think we will waste tomorrow sitting around by the fire, making delectable s'mores and doing a whole of nothin' again?

Nope. It's gonna be 61 degrees. Only in Texas can one have a 27 degree temperature swing and go from the throws of winter to springtime short sleeves in a 24 hour time period.

And the ice storm? Well, this is Texas and there's always next week.


Shelly said...

Believe me! I am very disappointed it didn't ice over. With a 30 min. drive to work everyday, icy roads is one way to keep me home. But I am here at work & dealing with it with some yummy vanilla-flavored tea!

Jedi Miller said...

Yeah I was bummed out too but I have to go to work weather or not (ooo I just punned)

Oh about your pizza night, here's an idea for you, get some Provolone, either slices or a block. If you have slices put it on top of your sauce then add topings and mozzarella. Or shred it up with some mozzarella. The taste is wonderful. It goes best with pepperoni and other more spice meats but I have enjoyed on pretty much anything. I also have a taco pizza receipe if you like...

Warning: do not use just provolone, the taste can be a bit strong and needs to be cut with another cheese.

So good luck

*the following information comes from a person who has work at a pizza place through high school and college, oh yeah I'm also fat so I obviously know what good food is. :)

mindi said...

Oooh - I am so going to visit your house someday. Nothing beats homemade cinnamon rolls! And ice storms? I photographed a BEAUTY last year. I'm kind of hoping for a repeat, since it was a snow emergency and I didn't have to work . . .

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am not boasting or anything, but we are here in Quincy, Wa. It was -4 degrees this morning and warmed up to 17 degrees. We have had weeks of this weather with lots of ice and should get 6 in. of snow tomorrow.

Ok, I hope I cheered you up. I'll send some pictures.

Love Rosa

Michelle said...

Taco pizza sounds Yum-O! And I'll have to try the whole provolone thing too.
You know, I was baiting you today with the whole wheat flour being healthier thing and you didn't bite! I was so disappointed. I thought you would tell me just how many miles I would have to run (as if)to kill those calories!

If you ever come to the DFW area you had BETTER come over! Oooo - I played with my fstop yesterday. Don't know what I did, but at least I found it!

ROSA!!!!! Is it really you???!!! I've been wanting to get in touch with you f-o-r-e-v-e-r, but didn't know how to get in touch with you! (It works that way, you know?) Please email me with your email address! I miss you!

Jedi Miller said...

oh yeah I noticed it but i figured I'd let it go.

We'll talk Sunday and trade recipes.

great now I'm commenting like a girl too. sigh...

Heather said...

MMM.... Homemade cinnamon rolls -- the baby says that's a GREAT idea (I'm 11 weeks along) -- Off to the kitchen for me