Friday, January 16, 2009

My Sassy New Doo For You...

So, remember the whole hair coloring fiasco?? How could you forget, right? Stupid Michelle has bad postpartum hair which she proceeds to make worse by attempting to self dye, then re-dye, yadda, yadda, yadda...

Only to end up with Technicolor hair.

Well, my licensed-to-do-hair friend, A. has been really busy at her other job and I just didn't want to keep bugging her, so I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to look like a dork for awhile. No big. I'm used to that.


My awesome friend, Ann came to my rescue and set me up with her hair stylist! And let me tell you, my friends....she is a Hair Coloring Guru!!!

I went in and groveled at her feet, confessing my hair sins and pinky swearing that I would never attempt to self -dye EVER again!! And I won't, my friends, I won't! Especially not after she worked her magical Guru magic on my hair follicle folly.

The Hair Coloring Guru asked me what I wanted, but I willingly thrust my shaggy, pitiful tresses into her hands. I pretty much gave her carte blanc with the hair color as long as she stayed within the auburn/red color spectrum. I don't have the skin coloring to go blonde. And I'm way too happy to do the whole black Emo thing.

All I knew was that I wanted my hair color to be within normal range AND I wanted bangs. My forehead has been large and in charge long enough. Big enough to land and Air Bus on, my friends. 747's have been asking for permission to land for far too long.

Anyway, FOUR hours and a whole lotta foil later....I was a new woman! A sassy red head! And I liked it! Monk's eyes bugged out of his head when he saw me and the only word he could utter was, "wow". Oh, I do make him swoon.

And without further adieu....the new and improved doo! (Oh, I am clever with words today, am I not?)

The Bangs...and me trying to be a Poser.

Quick! Shield your eyes from the hair color awesomeness!

Now there's a shot that shows Guru Magic! Photo courtesy of my steering wheel. And no, I wasn't driving when I took the picture.

You can give the girl a new hair doo, but you can't stop her from bein' a dork. And what was up with my bangs? Apparently one side was having a seizure.

Even the Madgirl likes it. And she never likes anything I do with my hair. Yesterday I told her she should be thankful I was her mom. When she asked, "why", I simply said,
"Because your mom has the single most kickin' hair of all the moms in the 10th grade class!"
And I do.
So, tell me...whadda y'all think?


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh, you do!! You're smokin'! And you're definitely kicking that whole idea of - I have to look frumpy because I just had a baby - thing.

Your haircolor now matches your personality perfectly - both are awesome!


Sherian said...

Cute. Cute. Definitely DON'T look like a mom of 6 kids! :)

Jennifer said...

Amazing! You look gorgeous!!! I've been without bangs for so long--I just can't handle them anymore. I think 7th grade was the last time! (that was in 1994--eek!) But rock bangs! :)

Lizardbreath said...

I am loving the color! I want some, too.

JB and Cindy said...

You make me look really bad, you have 6 kids and a baby younger than mine and you are looking all pulled together. Besides cool hair, her mom IS cool! I love the new you!!

Carla said...

You are sooooo cute. Will you go out with me?

Anonymous said...

You look Mahvelous darling, simply MAHVELOUS

Love ya,

Kim said...

Totally non-frumpy! Totally uptown!

I won't ask how much it cost. Some things are worth every penny to us girls. And I LOVED that line about 747s. You really should write books, Erma, uh I mean, Michelle

Christine said...

You look great!