Sunday, January 11, 2009

Momentous Occasion!!!

At approximately 8:07 pm this evening a momentous occasion occurred here in the Monk household.

Something so special that it merited a special blog post all its own.

.........Wait for it....

.............................Wait for it......

Here it goes:


How did it happen, you ask?

She was sitting in her high chair after dinner, eating a Little Debbie Swiss Roll (What? Don't judge me.) when Maddie said, "C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E" to her. Hope repeated it back like she'd been saying it for years! It nearly brought milk chocolate to my eyes!

I stopped washing dishes, Monk stopped looking at his laptop and Maddie stopped mid-bite of her own personal Little Debbie Swiss Roll. Maddie said it to her again just to make sure and when Hope repeated the word, "chocolate" once more, we all began doing a celebratory Happy Dance right there, smack dab in the middle of the kitchen floor! Well, except Monk. I'm sure he celebrated in his head though.

I would have preferred her to have been eating a little better quality chocolate such as a Ding Dong or something, but lets face it friends, it was still creamy chocolatey goodness. I'm not gonna throw down over Hostess versus Little Debbie cause there's good and bad to be found in both.

(Quite honestly, I find that Hostess Twinkie cowboy dude to be somewhat creepy. I mean, how often does one see sponge cake wearing a cowboy hat? And that Little Debbie? Well, she's way too happy to not be familiar with a little smack of Prozac occassionally. They don't call'em "Nutty Bars" for nothin', you know. I'm just sayin'.)


Rejoice with me as my wee little Hope has passed her first milestone into womanhood! She now knows the official coping mechanism of millions of women everywhere!!

I just felt the estrogen level in our home rise significantly.

Poor Monk. He needs to learn to eat chocolate.

Or build a Man Cave.


TheMadMonk said...

Is it any coincidence that America's largest chocolte maker is named Hersheys? HER + SHE = a need for chocolate.

And, no, there was no celebration. Just further musings on exactly where I'm going to plant that man cave.

Sherian said...

Congratulations to all of you! :)

Even your blog celebrates it with the confirmation security word being 'coco'

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Okay... this may be one of my favorite posts!! You are SO FUNNY, Michelle.

And a BIG high five to Hope. Welcome to the community, little friend :)


Christine said...

What a hoot, Michelle! Hope has truly achieved a momentous milestone... which should be rewarded with MORE chocolate! Woohoo!