Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Really Miss My Bed and My Little Surprise That Doesn't Involve My Fertility

I have slept in our recliner for five nights now. Maybe six. I can't remember because I'm in such a sleep deprived stupor that my brain is on auto pilot and anything more than eating and going to the bathroom is just plain overload. And sometimes I forget to eat.

Charlie has been sick (along with the other littles) and because of her congestion and cough, I've slept in the recliner with her in the upright position on top of me while the vaporizer has hummed beside us. I took her to the doctor last Friday and the acronym RSV was thrown around. I've been around the block a few times on this whole motherhood thing and there's not much that scares me anymore. But this? This scared the jeepers out of me.

I'm happy to say she is on the mend, but unfortunately I'm not back in my own bed yet. I think she has become a little bit spoiled sleeping on top of momma every night and now just screams because she knows I'll do anything to get some sleep at this point. Even sleep in the recliner.

So much for my 450 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

I did get to sleep in my bed yesterday morning for a whole hour and a half. I laid down and I swear my head literally melted into my pillow. And if my body could sing I know it would have sang The Hallelujah Chorus when it laid on that mattress. That or Dancing Queen ~ just cause it likes ABBA.

Ah well, sleep is overrated anyway, right? At least that's what I like to tell myself in order not to weep openly.

So now you know why I've been a little AWOL lately. But I haven't revealed my big surprise-that-doesn't-involve-my-fertility yet. Do ya wanna know? Huh?

Some of you had some great guesses and Katie even hit the nail on the head!

So, here we go...

Can you guess from my picture what my first surprise is?

Maybe this shot will help..

Is that a New Fancy Camera (she says incredulously!) in that picture?? Why yes, I do believe it is! I do believe it is a Nikon D60! Oh, and a nice shot of my poorly dyed hair, to boot! (Which was masterfully cut and colored yesterday!! I now have BANGS!!)

I love my new camera, but let me just tell you...it's almost more than I can handle right now. That little girl can twirl...let me tell you. It's gonna take some major work on my part to figure her out! But OH. MY. WORD. am I excited!!

And what do y'all suppose came in this box this last Saturday morning? Hmmm....

I was still in my jammies when it arrived, but that didn't stop Monk from taking lovely pictures of me...

Why yes, we were so excited some of the children danced on the coffee table!

Oh, look! It's a laptop in SPRING GREEN!! My color, y'all! Does anyone else think I look like a deranged, middle aged version of the Wendy's girl in this picture?? Pigtails are NOT normal for me. My hair was driving me batty and so I committed middle aged hair sin and did the pigtails thing. So sue me.

I bet you didn't know the Wendy's girl could party, huh? You should see her after she's had a few Frosty's!!

Oooooo!!! I just LOVE my new Spring Green laptop!

All manner of blogging and picture taking will now ensue!


Sherian said...

Aww...now you're all set! I knew the surprise but I'm glad you finally got it! I'm praying for you and that you will soon receive much needed rest!

Katie said...

I am sooo jealous of both! I would do ALOT for a laptop. I wouldn't say ANYTHING, but that's what popped in my head. If I'd do ANYTHING, I'd already have one, but I won't.

Anyway, YAY! for you!

If you ever want an invite to my blog, just let me know. Please don't feel obligated, I just like to let the bloggers I read know who I am.

Lizardbreath said...

WooHoo!!! A new lap top and an new camera! Now we have an excuse to find digital photography classes to take together!

Jennifer said...

Yea!!!!! I never thought I'd like a laptop, but since I got mine (for work, honest), I love it and rarely use the desktop. I'm very jealous of your camera! I was so close to getting one at Christmas, but I just couldn't spend the money on it. I hate my old 'point and shoot' digital I have now. Oh well. I'll survive! :)
PS-I laughed out loud at your chocolate post. Needless to say, my husband didn't understand!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Girl... you are hooked up!

A new camera, a new laptop, new color, AND bangs!! Can you even stand it?!

Okay, now that I've used my allotment of exclamation marks... a picture of your new hair is in order, wouldn't you agree? ;)


saloma said...

You are hilarious! and I love it. I've been following your blog for a while now and am hooked. I have to agree with Andrea that a picture of your new do is in order.
I'll be waiting!

the one and only, elisa said...

Yay!! I expect lots of wonderful blogs with spectacular photos from now on. please. :)

Christine said...

You are so hilarious! You got some awesome goods! I LOVE your camera. What photo editing software are you using?