Thursday, January 22, 2009

LOST: Chocked Full of Season Premiere Goodness! And It's Something to Talk About Other Than My Floors

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I am lover of the ABC show LOST! Like who isn't, right?

Or perhaps fanatic would be a better word!!! And last night was the season premiere. Oh my goodness, it did not disappoint! I've never felt compelled to blog about a television show, but this one? Oh yes, it was worth some bloggity goodness! I just have a few thoughts lolling around in my head right now and I figured I'd throw them out at y'all.

-Was it freaking anyone else out that the folks on the island kept going back and forth in time and whatnot? So confusing and creeeeepy!

-And since when did Sun become such a hard nose? She's a bitter woman these days. And she sorta creeped me out when she was talking to Kate. I was waiting for her to pull some Kung Fu moves or something.

-Who do y'all think was trying to get the blood sample from Kate?

-Hurley buying the "I Love My Shih Tzu" t-shirt cracked me up! Hurley cracked me up several times though. You just want him to be your cousin or somethin'.

-What do y'all think Sawyer whispered to Kate before he jumped off of the helicopter? Something about his child perhaps?

-The fact that they took Locke's casket was also rather unnerving. How'd he die?

-Did anyone else jump when whiny Neil took a flaming dart to the chest? I jumped, but I'm glad somebody finally shut him up. Did you notice no one even tried to help him?! HA!

-I rolled when Hurley chucked the Hot Pocket!!

-Is Claire dead or what?

Really great lines of the night:

Hurley: "You know, maybe if you'd eat more comfort food you might not have to go around shooting people." Priceless. My new life motto.

Another Hurley line: "I need a cool code name." He's so adorable!

Sawyer: "Welcome back, Dr. Wizard"

Miles: "I think it's MISTER Wizard"

Sawyer: "Shut up"

Hurley's mom: "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"

Overall, I thought it was a good season premiere. Lots of tidbits, teasers, etc...and a few answers.

Oh my, Wednesdays are certainly going to be exciting around here for a while again!

What's your take?


Katie said...

My take is...THANK GOD FOR TIVO! I am taking a full load in college this semester and haven't gotten to watch it yet, but I'm a hard core fan! I love Lost.

Hope your Thursday's going well!


Shelly said...

I'm so proud of you for blogging about a tv show!!! Yes, you know I loved it. Here's a few answers back for ya:

I'm thinking it's either Widmore or Abandnan who wanted Kate's & Aaron's blood. Afterall, Sun said they want Aaron because he's special. He's been on the island.

Not sure about what Sawyer whispered to Kate but I don't think it was about his kid because he doesn't know he has one. Remember? And Kate met the baby's momma but she doesn't know Sawyer's the daddy.

I was pretty sure Neil would die because he's a "red shirt". And he was even wearing a red shirt. How ironic though how he complained about not having fire!

Yes, I love Hurley. He's always been a fav of mine.

I'm wondering if Locke is really dead.

I don't think Claire is dead.

And I still refuse to believe that Jin is dead! No, no no!!!

The Burkes said...

-no it didn't. this was eamon and my theory about the island for a while

- i might go crazy if my hubby got blowed up too

- psh, whidmore is DEFINATELY behind this...i think...

- sawyer whispered the one thing all of us women wanted to hear from sawyer before attempting to save our lives "when we survive this, we WILL have sweaty jungle sex again, don't worry"
I'm just kidding, i have NO idea! :D

- I think when Alpert said he had to die, it didn't mean he had to die FOREVER...

- RIGHT before that happened i said "he's gonna have a freak accident death ANY second now!"
I'm SO good

- Claire isn't dead at all I don't think...Neither is Christian. He was playing with Walt's dog, and even when Jack identified his body in Australia, something wasn't right. AND they never checked the caset before they loaded it on the plane...

I could go on forever, but Eamon is telling me to hurry up!

angie said...

My husband and I love to watch Lost too. I enjoyed the season premiere as well, although the time travel is confusing (I'm doing well to know what day I'm currently in). I'm also glad they had the recap before the actual episode. There are things I had forgotten.