Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Germs...They LIVE!!

Okay, so the snotty, hacking, feverish plague has arrived at our home. I have three sick children, I'm sleep deprived and starting to feel a little plague-ish myself.

Of the 3 sick children, one of them is our 5 week old Charlie. Believe it or not, I've never had a sick infant and it is rather freaking me out. I slept in the rocker recliner with her last night just so I could keep her upright. Needless to say, not much sleep occurred on my part. Every time she snorted and gagged I immediately sat bolt upright. It made for a fun night. A regular party.

So if I'm AWOL around here for a few days y'all can know that I am either:

A) Tending to sick children and haven't nary a second for blogging or eating Ding Dongs.


B) I'm feeling as if I've been hit by a Mack truck and left on the road for dead.

Either way I'm pretty much doomed. My bleakness is refreshing, yes?

Prayers are optional, but appreciated.

p.s I received one of my big surprises yesterday, but I can't show it to you because I need my other surprise to do so. Am I making any sense at all anymore?

p.p.s Christine had a great guess with my first hint by guessing an Aldi grocery is being built. Wrong, but great guess regardless. Trust me, when our Aldi gets built (sometime this Fall) y'all will be the FIRST to know. I'll even post a picture of me doing a Happy Dance in front of the store! Hopefully not with Technicolor hair.

p.p.p.s Am I getting annoying yet? I'm gonna give y'all another clue. Those who are my friends on Facebook and saw my cheat the other day are not allowed to guess! Okay, here goes.

Hint: It isn't easy being green. {{snicker snicker}} I just love being sneaky!


Emily G. said...

Oh dear! It sounds pretty nasty at your house.
I chose to send up an optional prayer.
Hope things get better instead of worse!

Jennifer said...

I've had sick infants before & it's not fun. I told my Mom once that I was amazed that I rarely heard my husband get up and get ready, right next to my FACE and yet I could hear my baby cough in another room!
My guess your laptop? (I don't know why there would be 2 parts...maybe a bag and a computer??)
Hope you get more sleep and the sickness leaves your house soon. We're still trying to get rid of the nasty snot/cough stuff.

Christine said...

I am so sorry that three of your little ones are sick. I have never had a sick newborn, but I can imagine how scary it must be. So I guess I was close, but no cigar, huh? I am awaiting the happy dance pictures in front of Aldi. That will be a riot.

Katie said...

Have you gotten your new computer and you're getting a new camera? I don't know about the green part...


Brandy said...

Hmmm ... saw a Mac laptop commercial about the new ones being more energy efficient and all the parts being recycleable ... that'd be green. Did ya get a new one of those?! If so, I am SO jealous lol

mindi said...

I'm so sorry - my children are currently going through the bug. Yuck, I especially despise when it get on me. UGHHH!! no sleep here either :?(