Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear Charlotte

My Dearest Charlotte,

Six weeks have now passed since your spectacular arrival. Six wonderful, happy, tiring, fretful, incredible weeks. I'm already amazed at how the time has passed so quickly and I regularly remind myself to slow down and enjoy you moment by moment. It's so easy in these sleep deprived early days just to merely "function" and not take the time to enjoy these precious moments with you. That is why I write this letter. A simple note of this fleeting time and a reminder of these wonderful early days with you.

I can't express the love I have for you, sweet girl. It is a love that knows no bounds. I sometimes think my heart will explode with the love I have for my children and yet God allows me to always have room for more. What a gift that is! And while I know how much I love you, how much more does God love you?! It will always amaze that no matter how much I do love you - God will ALWAYS love you more! That is something I want to instill in you, sweet girl...the love of God. It is an amazing love that will fulfill you in your happiest moments and sustain you in your darkest hours. His love will always be enough.

You have been such a sweet baby! You've slept well at night, allowing me three and fours hours at a best sleeper yet! You were a little mixed up with your days and nights at first, but quickly figured things out and contentedly slept in my arms next to me for the first three weeks of your life. Getting you to go to sleep initially and getting you back to sleep after that first three to four hours is wherein the challenge lies! But I know you will eventually get over these things and probably be my first to sleep through the night before a year old! A momma can hope, can't she?!

Your tiny features and dainty little self has amazed me these weeks as I could never have imagined a child of mine being dainty (of course, your sister Liv proved me wrong there too!). Your name, Charlotte, means "little and womanly" and Anne means "grace". You have certainly lived up to your name thus far. I think your soft, downy hair is going to be a strawberry blonde color, even more so than your sister, Grace. You have finally started to fill out and I love that I actually have a little bit of cheek that I can kiss on now! I've probably kissed the right side of your cheek at least a four thousand times by now! Maybe five thousand! I love running my lips over your sweet, little head! Your sisters apparently love to kiss your head as well, which would explain the strawberry lip gloss I found matted in your hair the other day!

Speaking of your sisters, their love for you is amazing! Maddie and Grace always have willing arms to hold you and Liv is always asking to hold you (although you tend to overwhelm her if you cry). But Hope has been the most amazing of all. She loves you dearly and has been so tender and sweet, calling you her "Baba". That's not to say that she hasn't had her interesting moments with you as well. She loves to pat you on your head and a few times her pats have turned into slaps! Once you cry she gets this surprised look on her face as if she is totally innocent. Momma knows better. She also sat on you while you were in your bouncer the other day. You didn't even make a peep! Do me a favor, sweet girl....make a PEEP the next time your sister sits on you! And there will be a next time sweetie, trust me.

Your brother loves you from a distance. He has yet to hold you as new babies tend to make him a little nervous. Don't fear baby girl, he admires you every time he's here. He talks about your big eyes all the time. Mostly to say that you're finally "growing into them", but he means it in the most affectionate of ways! Give him a few months and he'll be tossing you around just like he does your big sisters.

I was very scared for you this last week when you were sick. Your congestion and cough were downright pitiful. When the doctor started talking RSV it was almost more than I could bear. You weren't supposed to get sick. You're a breastfed baby and that doesn't happen to breastfed babies. Momma had never had a sick newborn before and frankly, I'm SO glad I hadn't! I'm certain I would have fallen apart had I not had some Mommy Experience under my belt! But God was gracious to you and I both and you are now almost completely well! You had lots of people praying for you this last week, little girl! Even perfect strangers in the middle of the parking lot at Target. But that's a story the bloggy friends will get another day! :)

While I have plenty of hopes and dreams for you dear Charlie, my greatest desire for you is that you will know Jesus. Yes, at six weeks old that is what is on my mind. While you've been sick this last week, I've rocked you in the recliner and prayed over you, not only for your healing, but for your heart. I hope and pray that one day you will realize your need for a Savior and you'll give your heart completely to Him. I know God has amazing plans for your life!

Charlie, your momma and daddy aren't ever going to be the youngest, hippest or coolest parents around (although Momma's hair is pretty kickin' right now!), but mark my words little girl, you'll be hard pressed to find parents that love their little girl more than we love you. You are amazingly special in SO MANY ways, my sweet baby and I love you more than your little heart will ever know.

All my love,



Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh, I loved this. And so will your sweet Charlie someday.

It's amazing how our hearts grow with each new child. God is amazing.

As an aside, Judah was looking at the pictures of Charlotte as I was reading your post. He said to me: "Awww... It's a darling!" Judah loves babies :)


Sherian said...

Okay, so make sure you print this and put it in her baby book to have forever.