Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live Blogging the Mess!

So I'm coming to you live from my bedroom where I am currently imprisoned with my 4 smallest children. The sounds of saws, hammers and drills are coming from the rest of the house. The dust has my eyes burning and Charlie congested. I can't even begin to describe the amount of dust there is out there. I will feel compelled to write in it before I actually clean it up.

Let me just say how totally unprepared I was for this little venture. No toys, no crayons, no dvd's (Unless you count Walk the Line. Although I'm fairly certain my little ones won't care a smidge for Joaquin Phoenix's stellar performance) no drinks, no nothing. We are all sharing an old bottle of water we found on my nights stand from yesterday. Oh yes, we love our germs! Where do y'all suppose backwash fits in on the whole food pyramid thing? We do have 3 boxes of Girls Scout cookies for nourishment.

Thank you Jesus for the Girl Scouts.

As far as entertainment goes, there are a few baby toys, a dog leash, some breast pads and of course, the bed. I suggested sleeping as a group activity, but nobody's buying it. Too bad, I could've rocked that one right about now.

Grace entertained herself by holding a flashlight for the guy laying the floor in the little hall leading to our bedroom. Hope sat on the hamper that holds the cloth diapers and watched. Liv contemplated things she could tie up with the dog leash. Thankfully the baby was/is next to me on the bed in the bouncer or she might've been easy prey for my sadistic third daughter.

Someone started the rumor that Hope was poopy, so I did what every good mother does and asked Grace to smell her for me. She did so and then a rather perplexed look came over her face. When I asked if she was indeed fouled, Grace looked at me and said,

"It smells like Froot Loops."

I said, "What?"

"It smells like Froot Loops."

Liv began giggling and so did I. I thought for a moment and then I said,

"Wouldn't that be Poop Loops then, Grace?"

Fits of laughter ensued and then Grace begged me not to tell anyone that she thought Hope's poopy diaper smelled like a fruity Kellogg's cereal. I told her I wouldn't and here I am blogging about it. I'm simply sharing for historical and journaling purposes. Yea, that's it.

By the way, Hope's diaper was neither poopy nor filled with sugary cereal.

At the moment the girl's are complaining of hunger (apparently the Girls Scouts ain't doin' it for them anymore), Hope is brushing her teeth and the baby is gnawing her hand off waiting for me to nurse her. Oh wait!!! It's another momentous occasion that has happened while I am live blogging!


You all have no idea how that thrills me so! I love a thumb sucking baby and I haven't had one since My Boy and the Madgirl! I've tried keeping a pacifier away from her in hopes that she would do this. Let's hope it sticks.

Well, I'm going to try to go and sneak a few more pictures without looking like a creeper. There is a TON of work that has been done today.

Then I think I'll head to Target.


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain. Except I was 9 months pregnant when we put wood floors in our house. And it's really old, so we found a lot of 'surprises' under the carpeting that made the project a nightmare. Plus the floors aren't level. Plus we put in real, 'raw' hardwood floors (my husband works for a wood manufacturing company), so not only did we have to lay the flooring, hubby had to stain and finish it, too! Anna & I went to my brother's house for a few days while he did that. But what a mess! All the furniture (we did our kitchen--which is also our laundry 'room' and 'office') was stuffed into our living room and even Anna's room! It was a TON of work, but I love my wood floors. Can't wait for the 'after' pics!!

Lizardbreath said...

I'd invite you over here, but I don't think you want the flu. I want dibs on the first irl friend who gets to see the new floors.

YEAH CHARLIE!!! You are such a good girl for your Momma.