Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Floor Update and an Unsolicited Endorsement

So the workers finished the floors in the house last Thursday night. You would expect that I would have things tidy and shining by now, right? Wrong.

All sorts of mayhem has occurred since then. A certain baby has decided she needs to eat every 2-2 1/2 hours, the toddler has been holding her own Emotional Meltdown Marathon and Momma is in a funk of her own.

I blame it on January. Its bleakness knows no bounds. I'm finding I'm not the only blogger who thinks this either. I'm officially boycotting the rest of January. All 4 days.

Despite my wintery blues I do have a few pictures to share. They are not the most beautiful pictures of the floors, but you will definitely see that the teal green carpeting is GONE!



And just so you know...we didn't get a new couch...that is one AWESOME slipcover that I bought at Target (the best store EV-AH!!) and it's RED to boot! And if you didn't notice, let me point out the fact that the clock reads the same time in both pictures. Coincidence? I think not. It's broke and I have yet to get it fixed, but I love it so it stays put.

My living room looking into my kitchen. And no, my kitchen is NOT lemon yellow. Not sure why the yellow is so bright, but I assure you my decorating taste is not akin to that of McDonald's.

And now for my unsolicited endorsement ~~~~~~
These are only the best dang crackers in all of the free world! Oh. My. Word. I am addicted, my friends. The garlicy, cheesy flavor is almost more than I can bear.
It's not something you want to be eatiing if there's going to be extensive conversation at close range and/or if there is going to be any definite smooching in your future.
Because the garlicy flavor it doth abound!
These little triangles of deliciousness are on sale this week at Kroger as part of their $5 off of 10 items special. Only a$1.84 a box! I paid $2.50 for a box last week (that's how much I heart them!).
Run, my friends. Don't walk. Run and taste the garlicy, cheesy goodness.
They just might make January a little more bearable.


Shelly said...

Is that Jar-Jar Binks on your tv? Ugh! Stupid gungan.

Floors look great though!

JB and Cindy said...

Did you notice the clock in my living room?! I would blame it on the new mom thing, except for it was a problem before Harper came :)Your house looks great!

Jill said...

I love the floors. I also love the slip cover (in red). I also love the clock (even broken it is right twice per day). But most of all I heart heart heart heart those great crackers!!!! I only eat them when my hubby is going to be away at a conference or something. This for for two reasons: 1. That whole smooching thing you mentioned, and 2. My kids behave so much better when I yell at them with parmesan garlic breath! Guess they don't want me to have to tell them twice! LOL! Anyway, love your whole house (or what I have seen of it)! Enjoy those floors!

Christine said...

Your floor looks amazing! Your kitchen looks so cheery and delightful.Now ya got me craving those triscuit thin crisps. They really ought to pay you for that! ;)