Monday, September 22, 2008

Things Rarely Change Around Here

Well, for those of you keeping track, it's been nearly a week since I last posted.

For those of you NOT keeping's been nearly a week since I last posted.

So what's changed? Nothing really.

-Still pregnant, as evidenced by my protruding belly.

-Still have a small large mountain of dirty laundry.

-Still have more messy rooms in the house than clean ones. Okay, so maybe there are NO actual clean rooms in this house, but who's counting?

-Still trying to scrub unknown sticky substance off of kitchen table. However, said substance could quite possibly be the only thing holding the table together. I'm just sayin'.

-Still trying to convince the 100 lb. beast of a dog to NOT eat the children's toys outside. Wishful thinking.

-Still wishing Ed McMahon would show up at my door with some balloons and a large check. Does he still do that?

-Still desiring large quantities of DingDongs to cope. Don't tell my midwife. I didn't say eating, I said desiring...big difference....but still, don't tell her.

And what's new?

-The children have apparently dropped some sort of sticky substance, liken to that which is upon the kitchen table, into the computer keyboard, making it very difficult to push the "k" key and "m" key. So please refrain from asking me to spell words like monkey, marker or's not pleasant.

Still taking a small bloggy sabbatical, just checking in to let you all know I'm still here. The creative juices are still dry as a bone and my brain is ball of mush liken to the Cream of Wheat I ate as a child, but y'all will be the first to know when they are functioning properly again.

Now, off to find the DingDongs.


Dawn said...

LOL...loved your update. :)

Mmmmm Ding favorite! My hubby is a Twinkies guy all the way. Both of those have become so expensive lately in stores. :(

It won't be long till that wee baby is in your arms and you will be able to bend over and reach things again. :)

I love doing laundry. If ya lived closer I would volunteer to come by and do it for ya! :)

I hope you have a safe and joyfull week!

Many blessings,

Little Loveys Mom said...

Still pregnant here too...can I join the club?

Jason and Vanessa said...

Still pregnant also (which is amazing praise God alone for that) we should start a club and to get in you have to eat ding dongs and not clean your house!
Vanessa D

JB and Cindy said...

My house is the same, except no kids yet- must be a prego thing (or at least I say it is). I am missing your creative juices so thanks for the update! Just FYI, another reason to come back to yoga besides me missing your blogs- she gave out chocolate last night when you weren't there. And, it was OOOHHH soooo yummy!! See you Thurs.

Jill said...

Not pregnant, but soooo loving the sound of ding-dongs. Can non-pregnant people join the club and just eat the ding-dongs and not have to clean? That sounds great!

Ok, done dreaming, but I do love your blog, and I have missed terribly reading them daily. You rest and take it easy, though. (She says, as if that is ever possible, much less when you are a mom). We look forward to you being back and refreshed, but we want you to take some time for yourself too. Have a great rest!

TheMadMonk said...

Why didn't you tell me we had Ding Dongs?

Jessie's Girls said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one on a sabbatical :)

mindi said...

Ha ha ha, I just did the same thing. And I ALSO have a mountain of laundry. And many sticky messes on my floors. (sigh), right now we are alike, except for the protruding baby belly!!

sherian said... take a break from blogging but call me! I have ding dongs,,,,,and organic rice krispy treats! LOL