Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Becuz We Wunted Free Chikun'

So, like I said here, Chick-Fil-A was running a special promotion for FREE 3 piece chicken strips if you wore your favorite football team attire on Labor Day. It could be pro, college, high school or whatever your heart desired. As long as it was football.

Most of our clan (that means the little ones who aren't too embarrassed to be seen with us), donned our attire and headed over to our local Chick-Fil-A for FREE Chikun.

Let me just say it's very rare for us to go anywhere with ALL 6 children at one time these days. But even with just the 3 little ones and me expecting, we get plenty of "looks". You know the kind. You can hear the people thinking, "do they know what causes that?". Today was pretty much more of the same. But we grinned and beared it. Anything for FREE chikun!

Daddy with his girl, upon our arrival, in their Michigan attire

Two of the chikun lovin'est girls you will ever meet. Sis wore her Longhorn jersey and Liv wore her Martin Warriors (The Boy's high school -he plays varsity) t-shirt.

Me and the Monk (photo courtesy of: Sis)

Only the cutest little Michigan Wolverine ever! This outfit is 13 years old and has been worn by ALL FOUR of my girls. But that is a whole 'nother blog post.

Since all 5 of us wore Football attire, we received a total of 15 chicken strips for FREE! We shared fries and drinks and ate for around 10 bucks! G'head, tell me I'm good.

And just so you know:

Texas 52 Florida Atlantic 10 Give me a big Hook'em Horns for that one!

Utah 25 Michigan 23 Better luck next time y'all. Tell the quarterback it helps when he can make the passes.

Yes, I know. I'm brutal. Even with the ones I love.


Jessie's Girls said...

Those are some of the cutest football fans I've ever seen. Didn't watch the Michigan game - sounds like you hit the nail on the head though (not that that statement was really going out on a limb, come to think of it).

Shelly said...

I'm tellin' ya! Your chicken-lovin' family needs to try Zaxby's! It'll give Chick-Fil-a a run for its money!