Friday, September 05, 2008

Because I Thirst for Knowledge. And a Good Laugh.

While at Barnes and Noble on Monday, I decided that I should do a little bit of light reading myself. So, with Monk at my side, I sought out some interesting reading material.

Actually, I just told him to bring the camera.

I found my book of choice and perched myself precariously in a nice, open spot.

Wanna see what I picked?

And for those who need a close-up.

Oh yes, we are a wickedly funny duo sometimes.


Christine said...

Did anyone in the bookstore notice? That is truly hilarious! You definitely need a fertility book,girl! ;)

Carla said...

Did you write the book???? Is there something you're not telling us?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelle,

I just read your blog, and it was great! It was so good to read that old familiar wit that I remember. It took me right back to the “dorm days”. I know a lot of water has passed under time’s bridge since then, but it was good to be transported back, however briefly. As old as I am feeling today, I am surprised I even remember what the dorm was!

You look really cute pregnant! I am so happy to read that you are a non-vaxer! I never get into that discussion with people by bringing it up first, but if they ask me, or if it comes up, I am always in there saying, “at least consider not vaxing, or consider delaying the schedule”. I was very worried about that with both my boys, but I took the doc’s word that “all the bad stuff was out of the vaccinations” and “there is no proof…” etc. Well, now they don’t have to live with the “I wonder if” and I am stuck wondering. I know God has worked through Daniel’s autism to help me become the woman he someday wants me to be. I know I am at least more compassionate and am very different than I once was, but I will always wonder what might have been “if only”…, you know?

I am just now getting into the whole organic food thing, so if you have any pointers, feel free to share. I am trying to get Daniel on the GFCF thing also. I figured changing both at once was going to be a big job, but it is happening every so slowly. I am trying to switch over without doing it in a strong-armed way. My hubby and oldest son are so sweet, but they are VERY picky, and my little one, well….let’s just say chocolate chip pop tarts were his breakfast for a long time because that is all he would eat in the morning. Sad, huh? We are working on it, though. Our new pastor’s wife is really great. She is like a walking health advisor. She isn’t pushy, but she has introduced me to Whole Foods and several great recipes. She and I make a once a month or so run to Whole Foods in Nashville (that is the closest to us) and get the main things, but we have to rely on Kroger for the rest. I am about to try, though, for some of it, have you ever tried their stuff? Mrs. Nash (our pastor’s wife) has really helped me out with my health issues, and is trying to steer me in the right direction. I hope I can stick with it.

I guess I had better go for now. I tried to write this three or four times on facebook, but it kept freezing up, so I tried this copy and pasting. If it doesn’t work this time, I will try again later.

Hope you have a great weekend. Oh, and we do that same thing at B&N! I love that place! My hubby is a history fanatic, so we spend a LOT of time there. Before kids, that is where we went on dates. Now we just go whenever we get a chance. Talk to you later!

Christy said...

lol thats funny you should have bought it imangine what the check out kid would be thinking lol!!