Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I am the first to say that I have the single most forbearing husband that I know. I have many sins idiosyncrasies that he puts up with on a regular basis.

He is especially gracious to me when I'm expecting. In the early months when I am so, so sick, he does everything in his power to find foods I can eat and make sure I'm comfortable (too bad he can't vomit for me, eh?).

In the latter months, such as now, he runs errands, cleans up, takes extra children with him when he can and caters to my cravings on a regular basis.

Yesterday was no different.

I usually don't keep ice cream in the house as certain members of our family have no self-control, but yesterday ice cream just sounded SO GOOD! I just wanted something gooey, with lots of chocolate and nuts and all other manner of goodness. I mentioned this to Monk in passing while making a grocery list, but didn't put it on the list.

Because I'm health conscious and all.

Anyway, Monk gets back from the store and beckons me into the kitchen. He begins telling me that he knows I didn't put ice cream on the list, but as he walked past the ice cream aisle he saw something that stood out and he just had to get it for me.

I was all ears.

He waxed on about this ice cream for a good 3 minutes until my salivary glands were in overload and my tongue was hanging from my mouth. I just knew he found some chocolatey, nutty, gooey concoction that would make all of my ice cream dreams come true.

This is what he pulls from the bag.


He knew immediately when the smile fell from my face that he had bombed in the ice cream department. The girls then saw what he bought and they both made the same face I did. They had a one word response too.


His head fell to his chest and I comforted him by saying,

"Don't worry champ, I'll take it back and get something that's!".

And then I laughed maniacally and told him he had opened himself up for major blog fodder.

So later that evening I took the Cantaloupe 'n Cream (sheesh, it even sounds disgusting) back to the local Wal-Mart and promptly bought me a 1/2 gallon of something called...

Candy Bar.

Oh yes, my friends. Frozen serendipity.


The one and only, Elisa said...

I'm sorry, but what person in there right mind buys Cantaloupe ice cream when chocolate goodness is sitting near by. Obviously men. With horribly messed up taste buds. :)

Shelly said...

Gross! Who even came up with that flavor?! I'm just disappointed that none of y'all even tried it.

Jessie's Girls said...

Poor husbands of pregnant women. They try so hard. Mine has had to deal with one for 27 months out of our first 3 years of marriage.

JB&Cindy said...

JB and my dad LOVE that flavor. GROSS!! I am laughing so hard that you and I both think it's so nasty.

Christine said...

That is the funniest flavor that I have ever heard of. What a riot! Monk is very thoughtful to have tried so hard to impress his woman. Bless his heart.That flavor does make me curious....but not that curious.