Tuesday, September 02, 2008

26 Weeks...Almost

One of our Labor Day adventures was a trip to the mall. Apparently I was feeling a little adventurous because I don't like the mall very much on slow days, much less on horribly packed holidays. I digress.

So while standing in the Family Bathroom waiting for the littles to finish their "business", I took a cue from this blog. I laughed when I saw Brittany do this and as I stood in the bathroom looking at this huge mirror I thought, "why not?".

And so, courtesy of the Family Bathroom at our local mall....I give you my Almost 26 Weeks Bump picture.

It's okay to gasp. I know I'm huge. I don't get those nice, compact, cute little bumps. Nope. Never have. Not even with the first, almost 17 years ago, when I was about 40 pounds lighter.

I get the all-over-certainly-this-woman-must-be-carrying-twins-to-be-that-huge bump. That, plus I'm a little fat, you know.

It's okay. It's all good.


Dawn said...

I think you look great as a pregnant mama! :-)
You know what's even more fun is going to Hobby Lobby in their mirror section to take pictures and then making a collage out of them. It's better and more fun doing it with the kiddos though!

September blessings,

The now in college having a wonderful time, Elisa said...

i love your pic. so cute :)

Jessie's Girls said...

The bigger the better! Lookin good. 26 weeks seems just like yesterday to me...

Christine said...

You look darling! Thank you again for your help this morning. :)