Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thar's A Yankee in Town!

That would be my sister T. who's comin' in from Michigan bright and early this morning! Woo-hoo! I only get to see her about once a year, twice if I'm lucky! This year I'm gonna be lucky because she'll be here this week and then I'm going to see her in June!

I've done all the Panic Cleaning I can do and I can't do no more. There's still dirty blinds, dirty windows, a dirty fridge and the back yard still looks a Bosnian mine field with all the dog poo, but you know what? So what.

There I said it. So what.

Those things don't matter to her, and let me tell you she is impeccably tidy, and she'll probably offer to tackle something for me while she's here. Cause she's that way you know. I like her. A lot. She's a lot like me, just on speed. She's does everything in Super Fast Mode. Me? I'm more like Mosey Along Mode. She talks and works, while I have to stop and use hand motions when I talk. I really am quite frustrating sometimes.

Thus, my organizational nightmare.

And Oh. My. Word. can we both talk! And eat! We do a lot of talking and eating while we're together. And laughing too. I'm telling y'all, we are a regular PAR-TAY, us two!!

Anyway, she doesn't know this yet, but I think I'm going to interview her for my first ever Monk's Wife interview! Won't that be fun?? What sorts of things should I ask her? What do y'all want to know? She'll just tell y'all how much she loves me! Because you know, I am rather lovable. ::cough::

And hopefully I won't get sidetracked and I'll take lots of pictures! I'm getting my tripod this week so maybe I can actually be in a few, ya know?! Oh! The possibilities!

It's gonna be a busy week for sure. What, with all the talking that we do, plus Grace's birthday is Friday and we are celebrating her and Madgirls (her 16th is next Wednesday!) birthday's on Saturday.

Sisters and Laughing and Parties, OH MY!

Oh my! I am exhausted just from talking about all of it y'all! But OH WHAT FUN!!

I think I might be a little manic right now. Whew!

Alright, somebody might just hafta slap me! Okay y'all, I'm outta here. I'll be seeing you later this week!


Becky said...

I can't wait to "meet" your sister. Sounds like a good time. I have to say though, just reading your blog made me tired...and then to read that you posted at 6 AM!!! Are you sure you're not sneaking caffiene?


Jessie's Girls said...

I wish my sister from Michigan would come see me! In fact, I wish all three of them would. And maybe my six brothers too... hmmm.
That might even top your week ;)

Christine said...

I hope you are having a blast, Michelle!