Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Found Some Green at the Goodwill

I haven't shopped at Goodwill much lately because I have come to believe that they think they are some sort of subsidiary of Neiman Marcus. In other words, they think a little too much of their junk.

I just can't justify paying $3 and $4 for a child's shirt at Goodwill when for a $1 more I can buy a brand new one at Target. That just doesn't make good cents sense to me, my friends.

I also found that more and more, I was finding less and less. Stained and torn clothing is not my idea of thrifty. It's my idea of more work, more of my time and then maybe I can make it work.

(Again, one more reason to shop at Target. And no, I'm not always looking for excuses to go there. Only sometimes.)

Anyway, the other day I scooted into the local Goodwill to buy a gift certificate for someone and my eye spied these little beauties (behind the checkout glass ~ that's where they keep some of the fan-cee stuff). I paused, wondering if they could maybe, possibly be the right size. I asked to see them and was plumb tickled to death to see that yes, they were the perfect size!!

Hope liked the color!

Monk liked the price!

And Momma just thought they were dang cute!
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Sarah R said...

If they came in my size, I'd totally wear them.

Shelly said...

Super cute!

Jennifer said...

those are so so cute! how much?? our closest goodwill isn't a very good (nice) one. too much junk (stained, torn, just plain old...not thrifty).

Reese's Pieces said...

Gotta love those deals!

Milehimama said...

ROFL - I thought I was the only one who thought Goodwill was overpriced!

Around here we have Goodwill SELECTS, which are even fancier.

I have seen Walmart Garanimals - which retail NEW for $2.88 - on their racks for $3.99.

Christine said...

They are darling!

Stephanie said...

Those shoes are adorable! I agree on Goodwill being overpriced. Have you ever heard of Family Thrift Outlet? You should check it out (sans have to do a lot of digging). They start out at $1.75/item on Thursday and go down a quarter a day until everything is $0.25 s piece. I almost can't shop retail anymore!