Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday ~ Monk Style

This week I'm participating in Not Me Monday over at Mckmama's blog. I'm having a hard time doing this because I would absolutely never admit to anything stupid or foolish that I've done during the week on such a public forum as my blog. Not Me. Ever.


I would also never admit that I denied 6 year old Liv a piece of my chocolate this week because she wouldn't let me pull the front tooth that had been hanging there for the past week. Then, when she succumbed to my pressure and finally let me try and pull it and then it wouldn't budge and I made her cry did I offer her many pieces of chocolate as a peace offering for my futility. I would never do such a thing because that would be bribery in parenting and I am not that sort of parent. Definitely Not Me.

I also did NOT tell her that the Tooth Fairy didn't come because I had stayed up too late and so she must have passed by our house. Then I most definitely did not give her two bucks for the tooth just so she wouldn't try to put it under her pillow again. Ha! Such a bad parent that would be! That is so Not Me!

And while Hope was once again attempting to drink from the dog water this week did I sit idley by and let her do it because I knew I had just rinsed the bowl and put fresh water down. I would never do such an appalling and disgusting thing! Not me, EVER!

(Just so you know, she only got a few sips in before I eventually stopped her...)

I certainly didn't wear the sweatpants I wore on Wednesday to bed that night and then again to a chiropractor's appointment the next morning. Wearing sweatpants in public is bad enough let alone DAY OLD DIRTY sweatpants. I would never even consider such a thing! Not me!

And above all, I would NEVER take Charlotte from Grace because she was fussy and attempt to smell her backside WHILE I was looking at the computer screen only to realize upon feeling something wet on my lip (OH, YES!!), that I had, in fact, given myself a poo-poo mustache. Because we all know that baby poo on one's upper lip would be one of the most vile, disgusting and certainly inappropriate things to EVER post on one's blog and I am WAY too classy to admit to something like that on MY blog!! Most definitely NOT ME!

If you're interested in finding about what more people did NOT do this past week, just hop on over to Mckmama's Carnival today and have a great time realizing that you're not such a bad person after all.

Actually, you've probably already realized that just from reading my blog. But I'm not laughing about it because I would NEVER do that.

Not me. ::snort::


Lynette said...

I was laughing out loud at yours! Great job on your first NOT ME! I also have bribed my child to pull out a tooth only to find it wasn't ready and had to make up for it with more bribery!

Suzi said...

Fantastic! Love the poo-poo mustache! Great stuff!

Prachar family said...

No. You. Didn't!!! Love the poop mustache...I am pretty sure I will giggle all day over that one!

JB and Cindy said...

After I wrote my first, I was gonna come over to your blog and beg you to participate too- only cuz I knew you'd give me a great laugh :) So glad you were one step ahead of me... Love it!

Lizardbreath said...


Khordaddy said...

I laughed out loud on the water bowl. That's too funny. Great blog, I'm actually about to dig through your other recent posts!

Jennifer said...

You might not be laughing, but I certainly am!! Just the "poop...I mean pick me up" I needed this afternoon :)

Sherian said...

that's as good as Ken's "mustard" lick. wasn't that Hope? oh man!

Elisabeth said...

I was going to say that I cant believe you did that with charlie. But I can. :)