Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Photographic One

I would never want anyone to think that I prefer one child over another because I don't. Ever. Especially when one is throwing a screaming fit. Because I can assure you that I am the picture of patience when that is happening.


However, when it comes to photogenic ability, my Grace really stands above the rest.

There is just something so pure and natural about her face and her expressions that it's a true joy to actually photograph her. I don't even tell her what to do most of the time. She just does what she does. And she do it well!

While on our little camping adventure I took advantage of the great scenery. I love old barns and houses anyway and this was my kind of place. Throw Grace in the mix and I so loved some of the pictures I came home with.

She was telling me a story and I just started snapping pictures.

We found this old chair back behind the little cabin house. A late 60's, early 70's discard, but oh, the personality it held.

While she naturally has some amazing blue eyes, if I could ever figure out how to use stupid Photoshop Elements I could really have some fun with her eyes. ::sigh:: Somebody help me grow a brain, please!! But I'm not bitter.

Unfortunately, Blogger (or my nincompoopishness) doesn't make the pictures as large as I would have liked. Her eyes are really stunning in this one, but you can't see them.

Ah. Love this pretty girl. Hopefully she'll never tire of me snapping beautiful pictures of her.


Elisabeth said...

Aw Love these pics! Grace is so pretty and sweet! I love her.

Christine said...

These pictures are delightful! You are uber talented, Michelle!

Jennifer said...

I clicked on the "eye" picutre and it comes up a little bigger...gorgeous eyes! Amazing pictures!

Rina said...

Those are beautiful pictures! With pictures like that, who needs photoshop? :)

Lizardbreath said...

Too bad she and Professor can't get married. We would have gorgeous grandchildren.