Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Children Do in the Country

They sleep in bed with Momma. Note: Momma doesn't sleep.

They blow bubbles on the deck. (My great- nephew Eli)

They attempt to blow bubbles on the deck.

They swing from trees.

They let Momma attempt to take artsy pictures of them.

They read by the barn so Momma can attempt to take more artsy pictures of them.

They play in water. Oooh, squishy baby roll alert!

They play in more water. And look contemplative to boot.

They fish.

They watch Momma take pictures of disgusting tomato worms.

They sit on the porch swing with Granny.

And stand next to Poppy.

They do Zen Yoga on top of Igloo dog houses? Don't. Even. Ask.

Notice, my friends, that the country brings the children outside. Even my bug fearing bunch played outside for h-o-u-r-s!

It's the simple things, I'm tellin' ya.


Christine said...

Oh it looks like y'all are having a blast! What darling pictures; you are quite the photographer.

Anonymous said...

More stuff for kids to do outside:

Shelly said...

I didn't recognize Liv at first with that haircut. She cracks me up!

Jedi Miller said...

YAy I can see evrything. I guess my work computer updated. I love the pic of Liver meditating.

oh the site looks nice, but the blog is worth reading even if the colors where bland. A little girly for me but I'll survive.

Lizardbreath said...

I am so jealous. I want to go to the country. I am not jealous about the children sleeping with you.

Anonymous said...

only your children are as free and carefree as Liv-meditating huh? Is she plotting on someone else or the next someone or something else to tie up?