Friday, July 04, 2008

Gone Again

Well, I'm hitting the road again. A wee bit further this time. I'm headin' to Tennessee tomorrow with my sister, nephew, the three little girls and we musn't forget - The Corn Nut - who of course, goes where I go.

To be honest, I'm not real thrilled about yet, another road trip. Normally, I would be stoked, but while pregnant - ehhh, not so much. It's a 12 hour trip, but we're breaking it up by leaving around 3pm tomorrow and grabbing a hotel along the way.

My mother is thrilled to be having a houseful of grandkids! I'm thrilled about my mother's cooking! I'm sure my midwife will cringe at the scale upon my return. When I head back to our "roots" I tend to eat hillbilly food. You know, cornbread and buttermilk (oh yes!), tomato sandwiches, fried okra. Frankly, there's a lotta fried everything where my mother is concerned. She makes some wicked good fried catfish. Anyway, it will be a tasty week if nothing else. :) Bring. It. On.

We were supposed to be canning the whole week, but unfortunately, the veggies aren't quite ready. So, it's a week to kick back and watch the grass grow. And eat.

PoDunk Holler isn't real exciting, you know.

Anyway, posting may be sporadic or non-existent. I'm not quite sure yet. I don't plan on committing to anything other than vegetating all week. And visiting the Goodwill. I LOVE going to the Goodwill in other towns and states. It's freakish, I know.

I'll have my camera and lots 'o time on my hands, so there will be good fodder upon my return. Oh yes, always good fodder upon returning from PoDunk Holler.

In the meantime, y'all go get yourselves an RC and a Moonpie, watch a couple of episodes of The Walton's and think about me.

Y'all come back now. Y'hear?

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mindi said...

Have a wonderful time - I love the photo of the baby! So sweet!