Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Belly Picture and an Update

I want you all to know that even after having 5 children I have never done a belly picture. Sure, I've done pictures of me pregnant, but never pictures of just my belly. And just so you know, I will never do pictures of belly flesh and show them to the internet. Nope. Won't do it.

I have stretch marks older than most of my readers and I just aint gonna go there.

I don't have problems with belly pictures either. As a matter of fact, I think they are beautiful. (Go here to see some gorgeous belly pictures! She's having twins! She's also an awesome blogger!) I just have issues with my belly shots. It's a personal image issue really. I have lots of issues so this shouldn't be surprising to most.


Alrighty then, let's get off of that little rabbit trail and get back to the subject at hand, shall we?

Anyway, while at my mom's in Tennessee, I decided to take advantage of her cool, full length bathroom mirror. Mind you, I look like a dork because I felt so utterly stupid standing there taking pictures of myself. I didn't know if I should smile or what. So I ended up with the most ignoramous look on my face.

Surprised? I didn't think so.

(Any helpful hints on just how to take an effective belly shot would be greatly appreciated.)

And because I can't put it off any longer....

here it is...

it's coming....

oh alright, already!!

18 weeks and dorky. And my britches are a little too big, thus the sag. Like you wanted to know that, right?

That was painful. Please tell me it gets easier.

If I haven't scarred y'all for life, let's now move on to an update.

I went to the midwife today and I am 19 weeks and 1 day (obviously, from my little floating baby at the top). Everything looked good.

I only gained one pound for a sum total of 5 pounds thus far. I don't usually gain much weight in my pregnancies which usually means that I end up weighing less after I have the baby than I did when I got pregnant.

Don't hate me too much. I have it to lose. I lost 45 pounds after Hope was born and I still could stand to lose about 35 more. Ha! Pregnancy is the only weight loss plan that works for me! Whoda thunk it?

The bad news today was that our sonogram, scheduled for August 5th, has been cancelled. (Collective groan goes here..) We don't know when it will be rescheduled, which is a bummer. BUT! We think we're NOT going to find out what we are having anyway!! Why?

1. We want to be utterly overwhelmed and surprised by God's gift to us.


2. We want to annoy the snot out of our relatives!

Alright. Enough for me, I'm outta here. I'm toast.


Rosa said...

It is amazing how many will get mad because you will not find out the gender of your baby. My dh says, anything to poke 'em in the eye! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah for not finding out the gender! We aren't either:)

I found you through the blog-vine...from 4 Little Men. Looks like we have stuff in common...hop on over to my place if you want. Good day to do it, too...I'm having giveaways from my favorite natural baby store!!

Take care!!!

mindi said...

Loving the belly pic!! I started them with my first, and I have to say I'm glad I did. I at least KNOW that I was once as big as fourteen cars stacked end to end. That has to be bigger than a whale, right?
Keep the pics coming!

Little Loveys Mom said...

LOL I had to laugh...this is our 4th and I have never done belly shots...I too have stretch marks probably older than some of these bloggers...(in fact I didn't even know what a blog was or that ppl like me could do one) I found out if you place the camera on a recipe box...put it on self timer...see if just side view of belly is in pic ....wear's slimming LOL and stand back and take oh 10 or so you'll finally get the 'belly shot' w/o a head picture! We are 30 weeks w/our 4th and I think I've taken a pic every 2 weeks....this baby may not have a baby book, but by goodness she'll have pics of my belly to gross herself out with when she's older!

Christine said...

What a cute belly pic! Yeah for waiting to find out about baby's gender. We always loved the suspense of waiting. Blessings!