Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pretty in Pink

So Saturday was our big party for Hope's first birthday. It was a success and I can say in no uncertain terms that her colors were "blush and bashful". (Helllloooo? Anyone know the movie reference?) It was very pink, indeed.

I wanted everything I served to be smallish, in honor of our smallish birthday girl. So instead of a full on meal I served finger sandwiches, LOTS of fruit, veggies with homemade ranch dressing and chips with guacamole.

Honestly, the guest of honor didn't care a smidge what I served as long as she got some grapes. And she did. We, on the other hand, pretty much devoured everything else.

Daddy and his baby girl.

She enjoyed her gifts tremendously. But the tutu? Not so much.

Hmmm...what's this confection?

Ooooo...fire. Never fear, momma blew out the candle and grabbed it BEFORE she even had a chance. All with my left hand while taking this cool picture with my right hand!

Wahhhh! Cake is scary! Or is it that everyone scared me by screaming and inhaling all of the oxygen out of the room when I almost touched the fire?

Hey wait. This isn't so bad.

I'll even give Momma sugary smooches cause I love her.

Oh yeah, I can do the cake thing! (By the way, that was the smash cake. We did not partake of that one. Oh, no, no, no.)

The cake meant for guest consumption.

And so ended the day of celebration in honor of our big, one year old girl. I still can't believe it. A whole year gone already.

For your sake's, I'll lie and say I'm not crying like a big, bawl baby right now. I'm not.



Shelly said...

Steel Magnolias! Woo hoo! I'm first! What do I win?

Christine said...

What a darling cake for a sweet girl! Hope looks like she had a blast!

Little Loveys Mom said...

"My colors are blush and bashful Mama!" gotta love good southern movies!

Jedi Miller said...

"That "Party" looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol."

Ha I got a line in to :)

Michelle said...

Oooooo....you people are good! And so well versed in "good Southern" movies! I'm impressed.

You win my undying friendship forevah and evah!! Miss you girl!

mindi said...

Happy Bday Hope - what a lovely looking party!
And I so go Steel Magnolias. LOVE that movie!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a perfect birthday party for your beautiful Hope! Her bow kills me - I love it!

Aren't smash cakes the absolute best! It's one of my favorite things in the world to see a cute baby covered in frosting :)

Happy Birthday Hope! May this year be filled with lots of fun, fun, fun!!