Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Cleanse - Day 2 ....Day of the Pounding Headache

Well, I think my title pretty much sums up Day 2 of this cleanse. My head has throbbed all. day. long. I wanted a Coke so bad I could hardly stand it ~ for medicinal purposes, of course ~ but I managed to make it through the day with the headaches coming and going. I know they're going to get better, but let me tell y'all .... it's hard to function with small children when you feel as if your head is going to explode.

Food wise I did fairly well. I had some cravings today, but nothing I couldn't get through without a little thing I like to call .... distraction. When I began to think about various foods I just started doing something else. I did accidentally lick a tiny smidgen of peanut butter off of my finger this morning while making Grace's sandwich. After I did it I sort of froze. I wasn't sure what I should do. Should I spit? Should I gargle? Should I ::gulp:: purge? And then I realized I was being an idiot and went on with my day.

The morning was the most difficult part of the day and then I made myself this big, honkin' salad for lunch and I felt much better after that. Wouldn't this make you feel better?

Cleanse Day 2-2

And there was homemade dressing on it to boot!!

On Day 1 I had felt really woozy by 5 o'clock pm. I truly thought I would pass out. I didn't realize that because I was still nursing Charlotte that I was still allowed to have some protein. WELL, HEELLLLOOOO ENERGY!!! Thanks to my friend (and former chiropractor and wife of my current chiropractor) Cindy, she informed me in the comments of my Day 1 post that I was supposed to keep the protein in there. So because of her wonderful news (Cindy, remind me to kiss you when I see you ... okay, that'd be a little weird.... a hug will suffice.) I was able to eat a few extras on Day 2 and wow (WOW!), did it make a difference!!

There was even some hummus among us...

Cleanse Day 2-3

My tip #2 (tip #1 is in the first post) for this cleanse is - Have a plan for what you're going to eat. The worst thing I've done so far is let myself get too hungry because I wasn't prepared for the next snack/meal.

I had to go to the stinkin' store again and once again ... it was a nightmare. Not as bad as Costco, but still hard. I can't tell you enough, if you're gonna do this make sure you have enough groceries for at least 3 days!! And normally I do, it's just been a very crazy week AND I didn't anticipate just how many veggies and fruits we would go through.

Today's trip only happened because the organic carrots that I bought at Target the other day were slimy when I opened the bag. Yea, pretty gross. I needed carrots for Day 2 dinner so I didn't have a choice. I ended up buying some lemons, limes, cauliflower and some butternut squash while I was there. I'm not very good at the whole "I'm gonna just grab one thing" at the store bit. Besides, I figured if I bought it then, then I wouldn't have to buy anything the next day.

Well, at least that's my theory.

Anyway, I took Day 2's dinner of Lentils and Veggies from, once again, my friend Cindy! She finished the cleanse a few days ago and documented a bunch of yummy recipes on her blog. Go check it out!!

This particular dinner didn't make us feel deprived one stinking little bit. We loved it! It was a cold weather, meat on your bones, comfort food meal if I've ever had one. And it was healthy to boot!!

My picture is not that attractive, but I assure you ... it was G-O-O-D!!!

Cleanse Day 2-6

Day 2 is now complete and I'm feeling pretty good. My moods seem to swing back and forth between, "I can totally do this!!" to "I'm never gonna make it, just pass the chocolate". If I can work past a craving then I'm totally fine.

This morning I woke up more rested than I have felt in a very long time. That was because I got ....wait for it ..... wait for it ..... 8 HOURS WORTH OF SLEEP!! I wasn't sluggish and my head felt clear ... until the pounding headaches started, but overall I felt great! I'm looking forward to how I'll feel tomorrow and hoping it continues to get better and better. And that being said ...
since I was already asleep by this time last night, I do believe it's time for me to wrap things up my little friends.

I need to go to bed before a Ding Dong craving hits.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm totally hungry after looking at your food pictures! And it's 7:30 in the morning :)

I hope today is headache free! You are doing awesome, Michelle!!


Christine said...

Yay! You are making such an important investment in your health!You crack me up about coke for "medicinal purposes". ;) You can do this!