Sunday, October 04, 2009

And Yet ... Nothin'

I bet y'all are thinkin', 'this is another blog post about her telling us why she's not blogging!', right?

Well yea, it is.

Except this time I'll try to give a little more of an explanation. One that doesn't necessarily rectify the situation, but at least gives you and idea of why I'm not blogging. Or something like that.

Friends and family have been giving me gentle hints about my neglected little corner of the blogosphere and I have told them that I honestly want to blog. I really do. I just can't seem to find the time these days.

Or should I say, I can't seem to make the time. Or I'm mismanage time. Or all the above.

Since school has started I've been busier than I care to be. I'm homeschooling one child, taking another to a homeschool enrichment program two days a week and yet one more to a private school where I take her every morning at 8 and pick her up every afternoon at 3. I'm not complaining about these arrangements as they are what is working best for our family right now, I'm just having a little trouble finding balance.

I've also been doing a fair amount of photography these days which is exhilarating and frustrating all at once. Exhilarating in that I'm am SO excited about this whole new world (hey, isn't that a Disney song?) which is opening up before me and frustrating in that I can't learn things or spend as much time learning as I would like. At this very second I am editing 3 different photography sessions. Whew. I still pinch myself some days because I get to do this! It really has changed my life and I hope it will impact other's lives. I really do love it!

Throw a husband, two babies 2 and under and a house to upkeep (and I'm using that term loosely) and you have a woman who is living on the edge.

That would be me in case you didn't get that last part. I'm the woman on the edge.

I don't like the crazy in my life right now, but it is what it is at this very moment. I'm trying to set things in order to take the crazy level down to just mildly manic, but it's going to be a process. And in case you didn't know....processes to take some time. ugh.

There are plenty of things that I want to blog about (namely my new adventure in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University!!) at the moment, but by the time I'm done taking care of the day to day things, putting children to bed, editing pictures and just sitting brain dead for 2 seconds, there's really not much of my good humor left to blog about.

Right now I consider my facebook page as my mini blog. I tell Hope's latest shenanigans there, post my feelings concerning things like rain, Sonic Happy Hour and how much I love my family. It's just easier and faster. And frankly .... it has made me lazy where my blog is concerned. It's like the fast food of writing. It's a quick fix that limits you to how much you can blabber on about.

Unlike now where I just keep going on and on and on... about nothing, really.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. I can't say that I'll be around tomorrow or the next day or even next week, but I'm certainly not giving up.

Not just yet.


Jill said...

We, the other women on the edge, miss you, but we do understand. Just take care of those precious little gals of yours (and your guys too), and don't worry about us. We'll wait! (just don't keep us waiting too long) We love you!

Little Loveys Mom said...

wow! wow...(had to add that twice)
i hear ya w/the bloggin! i wish there was so voice recorder that was connected to my shoulder that i could talk into while doing my daily chores and it blogs for me! that might get my family off my back since heaven forbid they need updates on the baby every sec of everyday! trust they aint missin much right now!