Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because I Felt the Need to Torture Myself...The Cleanse...Day 1

You know, it wasn't too long ago that my eating habits were vastly different than they are now. I tried to buy as much organic as I possibly could, I avoided artificial anything and all the snacks at my home were made by me so I could control exactly what I was feeding my children.

Well after Charlotte was born I fell off the bandwagon. Not only did I fall off, but I'm pretty sure I rolled under the bandwagon and was backed over about a 152 times. It was a bad fall to say the least. My healthier eating habits went to the wayside and I threw caution to the wind, not really caring what I put into my body.

As evidenced by my deep and abiding love for Coca Cola.

And Ding Dongs.

Well all that tomfoolery (now there's a cool word, my friends) is now coming to an end. Why? Honestly, I just became convicted about what I was putting into my body and my children's bodies. When Hope would see a Sonic and start asking for a Coke, it started making the momma (HELLO, ME!!!) look real bad. When the other girls would beg to go to Sonic Happy Hour on a daily basis, it started making the momma look real bad. I can site several more instances, but since I feel bad enough already I'll just shut up about it.

So. I've been noticing several people, that I either know personally or indirectly, that go to my chiropractor's office that have been doing this cleanse. Now y'all. The word 'cleanse' would strike fear in my heart by the mere mention of it. I couldn't imagine denying my body of certain things for a whole 21 days! That would be crazy! Especially sugary things!

Well, guess what I started today? Apparently I'm crazy.

I've seen and heard of the many positive experiences people have had doing this and I'll be honest .... I'm tired of feeling like garbage. My joints hurt, I'm tired, I have no energy and I just want to feel good again! Believe it or not .... Monk is doing it with me!! When he said he wanted to do it too, I told him, "You do realize you can't have meat for the first 9 days, right?!?!". My bacon-loving man just nodded his head yes and well ... here we are.

I'm going to try and document the 21 days on here the best I can. Why? Well, it gives me a little accountability and seeing that it's only the end of day 1 and I want to dive head first into Hostess truck I figured it might be a good idea to 'see' my progress in print ... or type ... or whatever you call what I'm doing.

So, here we go ...

The first 9 days of this cleanse include the Standard Process supplements, fruits, veggies (lots and lots of veggies), small amounts of brown rice and/or lentils and some special shakes. You can also use healthier oils like Flax, Coconut and Olive oil. And I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loves me by the mere fact that I can have butter on this cleanse!! On day 10 I get to incorporate some fish and/or chicken. But right now ... I'm in the trenches.

This was my first shopping trip ... I labeled it just because I love you all. You're welcome.

Football and cleanse -1

You're supposed to use all organic fruits and vegetables, but since that is just not fiscally possible around here, I just buy a little organic and a little non organic. I LOVE all the colors in this one!

Football and cleanse-3

And here's all the supplements. Exciting, eh? Especially the Gastro-Fiber. Yuuuuup.

Football and cleanse-2

I didn't quite finish my shopping on Saturday, so I had to go to Costco today to pick up a few more things. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!

Oh, the temptation swirling around me!! Costco is a veritable sampler's wonderland!! I nearly accosted the man giving out samples of chocolate covered almonds because those are one of my most favorite things EV-VER!! I could have literally thrown my body onto the bagel table and rolled around in all the carbohydrate goodness for hours. I was just too hungry to be there and it was dangerous!

Tip #1 - Have all your shopping done before you start so you don't have to leave the house for a the first few days when it's SO dang hard not to want other food.

Here was my Costco trip today ....

Cleanse Day 1 -2

Let me tell you something, my friends .... you've never seen a happier woman upon realizing she could make GUACAMOLE!!!! I used carrots and {English} cucumber today to dip with and am thinking I may even try some celery!!

It was pretty yummy if I do say so myself...

Cleanse Day 1

Around 5 o'clock today I hit a wall. Headache, body aches, no energy, etc.. and I haven't recovered since. I knew I need to cook dinner fast and opted to make Monk and I a raw vegetable soup in the Vita-Mix.

It was yummy, but it was yummier after I made sweet potato chips and put them in there!!

Cleanse Day 1-3

It is not even 9:30 pm right now and I am struggling to stay awake. I knew this would happen as the brochure made no efforts to cover up the fact that I'm going to feel wiped out the first 3-4 days, but good golly y'all!!! I certainly didn't expect to be THIS wiped out! Wow.

Anyway, I had planned on giving a whole lot more information tonight, but since I've had to wake myself up about 3 times while typing this .... I plain just don't care right now and I'm going to bed.

I'm happy to have Day 1 behind me. Now I can go to sleep and have sweet dreams of creme fillings.

Obviously my train of thought is not quite where it should be. Then again ... has it ever been?


Carla said...

This is so COOL. Guess we need to plan the pie baking day closer to Thanksgiving. Keep it up girl (and HOW did you get the hubby to agree. Does he have swine flu?)

Love you!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

This is me (fist pumping, jumping up and down, cheering loudly!) in your corner....

You can do it!!



Hilary said...

yeah!! good luck :)

JB and Cindy said...

K, I'm not telling any of my blog readers about your blog cuz yours is now officially way cooler than mine! I love the documentation and honesty. Pretty food colors! By the way, don't know if you still are or not, but you do know if you are nursing to skip the SP Cleanse product and keep protein in the whole way through. Just letting you know, sure you already talked about it w/ JB. Everytime you feel bad, just be thankful you are doing it, cuz it means your body was really bad off and you are getting healthier. Best wishes :)

Becky said...

ok, I'm going to need more information...like what CAN you eat each day? I've been feeling like a good cleanse lately, (kind of an oximoron, but that's another topic) and I can't wait to hear how this one goes. 21 days...WOW!

Elisabeth Carol said...

Ok well I didn't read the whole thing BUT I love the last picture!! You and these crazy angles lately, I love it.

Christine said...

Those foods look so deliciously nourishing. You rock.