Thursday, April 30, 2009

Momma Gotta New Hair Doo

My hair is once again front and center. It betrays me so. I love on it, buy it good products, pay good money for a cut and color and yet it hangs limp and lifeless. One word to describe my hair lately....


I'm going to turn 40 in just two short months and I want to look better at 40 than I do at 39. At least that's the plan. (Maybe this would be a good time to quit eating the Parmesan Garlic Thin Crisps. Hmmm..) Anyway, lately I have had it with this limp and lifeless hair 'o mine. The ponytail has NOT been a good look for me.

So I called in Marinell, the Hair Coloring Genius. I've known for a while now that she could really color my hair. But honestly, I haven't had enough hair cut off to know how well she could really cut my hair.

Well. I found out today. And you know what?

She can REALLY cut my hair!

Introducing, the new me. The make-upless rather tired looking me.. BUT the me with a new doo that is quite stunning if I do say so myself.


The color would be my new Spring and Summer look. Quite blonde, isn't it?!? Well, at least my hair matches my brain now.

Also, I started my new photography blog today... I have two whole posts. Woo-hoo! I'll be adding more as I get the chance, but go check it out! It's an easy read.

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!


Elisabeth said...

AH I love it!

Jennifer said...

You look gorgeous! Even without makeup!! I love your new 'do

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Beautiful! Your new cut looks like it is really going to wear well.

I've never had a spring/summer fall/winter look. I should look into this :) Never would know I'm a hairdresser!


Becky said... trendy and cute! I love the way it frames your face and yet makes your face look thinner!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Love your hair!! That is a cool cut. Yep... sorry I missed meeting you this weekend. I'll have to think of something to do again soon:-)

Shelly said...

Jeremy said you look like Sarah Palin. :)

Looks great!