Thursday, April 30, 2009

Climbs and Throwdowns

Okay. Y'all just rock. Do you know that? I am simply blown away by the kind and encouraging comments y'all left in the last post. Kinda makes a girl feel a little special, ya know? And a little guilty. Cause there's thing called posting that people have come to expect from me occasionally and I have managed to not do that very much lately.

Actually, I've managed to NOT do quite a bit lately. Mostly I'm just proficient in sitting on the couch eating Parmesan Garlic Thin crisps while perusing Facebook and learning how to work my new Blackberry.

It's all about goals, people, all about the goals.

And while I sit here, living out these lofty goals of mine, I have also had a couple of little girls who have been begging me to take them to a movie. Last weekend, the Big Birth Weekend, was supposed to be when I took them to this little movie, but seeing that I didn't get in bed until about 4 am Saturday morning you can pretty much surmise that I was ...uh...toast for most of the remaining weekend. Catatonic might even be a better word here.

Well, Monday rolled around and they were still begging. Specifically Grace was begging because while Liv may start to beg, something shiny will catch her attention and then she's all like, "Look! A squirrel!". That's a lot how my life works as well. Go figure.

Well, I decided that I was not going to put it off any longer and I took them to a movie. At 9 o'clock AT NIGHT, Y'ALL! Oh yes, my friends! We walked into the theatre and we were the ONLY ones in there. I explained to the girls that it was because all the really decent parents had their children home in bed already. They seemed happy with that explanation so I left it alone.


Now is the part where I make a huge confession. A confession in which I hang my head in shame while shifting uncomfortably in my seat. (Still clutching my box of half eaten Parmesan Garlic Thin Crisps, I might add.)

I took them to see Hannah Montana The Movie.


I know! I know! How could I? I don't know! I don't even like the show ~ for more reasons than just Billy Ray Cyrus's reasonably pathetic acting skills! They break my achy breaky heart!

Ba dum bum!! Thank you folks, I'll be here all week!

No really, I'm not a huge fan of the Hannah Montana hysteria. And usually I'm a big fan of a bunch of hillbilly's that achieve fame and fortune . But this time? Not so much. Not that I find anything offensive about the show itself (other than Billy Ray's obvious acting disability), I've just never seen what the big pull is.

(Thankfully, I'm happy to say, we missed the whole High School Musical rage and I firmly believe we are better people without having known Troy and Sharpay ~ don't even ask me how I know those names because I have absolutely no idea. It's probably government brainwashing.)

Now here's the second confession: I liked it.

I know! I also realize that my IQ just dropped about 40 points for admitting such a thing, but I can't help it. I liked it. It was really endearing in that hokey, hillbilly sort of way. It was a positive message about a father trying to get his daughter back to her roots and away from the materialistic draw that fame was having on her.

And it was in Tennessee and everyone talked with that southern draaaawl that is just Oh So endearing! Especially the Grandmaw. Which, by the way, was their first mistake because we all know (or at least I do) that if you're from Kentucky or Tennessee you call your grandmother Mamaw.

It's a fact.

Anyway, I texted my friend S. through most of the movie (which you can do when you're the only ones in the theatre because all the really decent parents already have their children in bed), but I really enjoyed it. And possibly got a little teary eyed in all the appropriate moments.

Especially when she sang, The Climb. Which I will also admit, is now the ringtone on my cell phone. Half of y'all just now deleted me from your blog roll and felt the need to take a shower, huh? Not counting the ridiculously cheesy video, I just like the words to the song and can really relate to it right about now.

Wow. I can't believe I just typed that I can relate to a Miley Cyrus song. Seriously. I think I need to shower.

I may have also smiled and tapped my foot a little when they were doing the Hoedown Throwdown in the movie. I will not admit, however, that I might have come home and looked it up on Youtube and quite possibly started learning to bust the moves myself. Nope. I didn't.

Grace, Maddie and my friend S.'s daughter, Elisabeth did... but definitely not me.

Grace's face was lit up like the Fourth of July through the whole movie, which was quite nostalgic for me. I remembered that same look on Maddie's face when I took her to see the Lizzie McGuire movie about 6 years ago. At that moment I was really thankful that I had taken the time to bring Grace and Liv to the movies. Even if it was 9 o'clock AT NIGHT and all the really decent parents had their kids in bed already.

Now Olivia? Well, at one point she announced really loud that, "this movie isn't funny AT ALL!", which ironically, was very funny. But she mostly just had to pee and then cried because she was tired because her mother had her at a movie at 9 o'clock AT NIGHT because (say it with me now..) all the really decent parents already had their kids home and in bed!

It also made me wonder what big movie I'd be taking Hope and Charlie to in 6 or 7 years. (By that time Monk will qualify for a Senior discount, so maybe he can take them!) Hopefully, it's nothing that requires busting a move or two because by then my Move Busting body parts may just be

And there you have it, y'all. The confession of all confessions.

You respected and admired me on Monday and now? just sort of feel sorry for me, I imagine.

That's okay, I feel a little sorry for myself too. And a little amused as well. I mean, what 39 year old mother of 6 downloads a Hannah Montana movie song to her cell phone and also tries to learn the dance moves to The Hoedown Throwdown???

Apparently me.


Elisabeth said...

Pop it. Lock it. Polka dot it. haha. You know you helped us with it.

Jason and Vanessa said...

I think it's great and now I want to see it too. Oh no look what you did. Just kidding it does look cute!

Christine said...

You are a riot! This post was way too much fun!