Friday, April 17, 2009

It's All Good

Once again and entire week has escaped me and I've written nary a thing. It was, however, quite intentional this week.

You see, in the CrAzY that has become my life lately, I just needed some time to spend in my home, with my family and catching up on sleep. If I'm not careful I slip into what I like to call my Computer Zombie Mode. Which essentially means I become a dark eyed zombie, spending entirely too much time (especially late at night) perusing blogs and websites, etc...

This past week has been spent getting caught up on housework, which by the way I have become entirely convinced will NEVER happen around here, getting my laundry under the double digit numbers and actually, you know, cooking hot meals in the evening. I cancelled all lessons for the week, only appointments on Monday and made it to bed before midnight every night. And you know what?

It's been nice.

I'm not overly tired, I'm not feeling overwhelmed anymore (at least concerning household things) and I don't have any guilt hanging over my head for the things that haven't been getting done.

It's all good.

I will admit that I've missed blogging. I like that outlet and for some weird reason pouring my life out to the entire world brings me some sort of strange satisfaction. I'm just going to have to learn a few things about balance. When my family gets out of balance, EVERYTHING gets out of balance. And with the new things that are happening in my life at the moment, the pendulum just really took a hard swing to the right (because I would never swing to the left. Ever.). Balance will be more important than ever.

And yes, I'm purposely being vague, but guess what? I'm gonna spill next week! Why? Well mostly just because I couldn't manage to keep my mouth shut if I wanted to. But honestly, I just want to share it with y'all. I'm hoping that if I do, the knot the size of a grapefruit that has taken up residence in my belly might just decide to leave me alone. And I don't even like grapefruit, y'all.

But for now I'm just gonna enjoy being where I am and take things one day at a time. Because really, that's all I can do.



Lizardbreath said...

I love Charlie's hat!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Awww... sweet Charlie. She's just a spoonful of sugar, isn't she.

I am glad you are enjoying the ride, where ever it is taking you!


Jennifer said...

I've missed your humor and wit this week! :) But seriously, if I had that ADORABLE baby in my house, I would spend all day kissing her cute cheeks!!! My baby is getting too big for those smothering kisses :(

Carla said...

I go through each day and "cherry-pick" the pictures from your blog and make them part of my screen saver. Sonny (my computer-geek team lead that is also a camera -geek I want you to meet) was in my office earlier this week and ALWAYS notices your new pictures.

And, of course, I had to add cutie-pie Chuck to the screen.

Love you!

Sarah R said...

You're killing me. Just tell me. You're lucky I keep tuning in. Hmph.

Little Loveys Mom said...

that photo is the most precious thing in the world!