Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You're Pregnant Again? Say It Ain't So, Momma!

And I'm not. Really.

That is the winner of our name that photo contest! Vanessa really GOT me giggling with that one! I just knew somebody was going to go after our...um... reproductivity! It was GREAT! Congratulations, Vanessa!!

And the lovely Vanessa is going to get, but what else? A Target gift card from moi! I care enough to give the very best, y'all.

Actually, they were ALL extremely funny!

You people CRACKED. ME. UP. Seriously. There were some major LAUGH. OUT. LOUD moments yesterday!

And thank you to those of you that delurked for me! It was some kind of awesome. I really liked getting all those comments, you know? Makes me feel validated and important in some sorta sick, bloggy way. I hope y'all know that I'm going to "expect" comments more often now! Ha!

Even though I am excluding my family members from the contest, I have to say my husband and my sister absolutely cracked me up!

Monk hit the nail on the head with his comment,

"Not that Taylor Swift song AGAIN"

I have "Our Song" on my iPod and Grace and Liv listen to it incessantly. Almost to the point where I'm ready to remove it. Almost, but not quite.

(Commentor Judy also got in on that one! How'd you know about that song, Judy?! )

Then my sister! Oh my sister! I didn't know she had it in her to be THAT funny much less quoting lines from literary classics like Gone With the Wind. Her line,

"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow."

Now that there is funny, my friends. (And I'll let you in on a secret. I have never read Gone With the Wind and have never even seen the whole movie. I know.) And then she follows up with her line about the stimulus package. Oh my. I nearly cried.

Let me just say that Mrs. West (aka Cheryl - hey girl!) nearly made me fall off the bed laughing with her line,

"Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?!"

Oh girl, that was F-U-N-N-Y!! And smart move trying to hone in one my LOST obsession.

Those of you that used chocolate in your comments were right on target! I just KNEW there was going to be chocolate comments! That was one of my first thoughts too when I saw the picture!

Honestly, the singing comments took me totally by surprise! In a really FUNNY way! Because I do sing around the house all the time. Especially show tunes, so you can imagine what my children think of me!

It got awfully close for the win with The Burke's comment of,


I almost lost my bladder on that one! Seriously. If y'all only knew how many times a day those very words come out of my mouth! I know, bad mother. But if you only knew that dog....

Anyway, that was some serious fun and I got some much needed belly laughing out of a lot of them!

You people are totally funny and my warped sense of humor is SO glad you commented! I might just have to do this again!


Christine said...

How hilarious! Congrats Vanessa!

Carla said...

BTW - one of my co-workers saw this pic (yes, it too is part of the screen saver pic gallery) and said she looks like the kid on Full House (yes, she is a young version of the Olson twins.)