Tuesday, February 03, 2009

400, More Pie Thoughts and a Target Tuesday

Before I get down to business here I just want to announce that this post is my 400th post.

FOUR HUNDRED (hundred, hundred, hundred.....that would be my echo)

Wow. I can't believe it. Little did I know when I started this little blog that in so many ways it would be an outlet for me creatively and emotionally. I've always loved writing, but never dreamed I would come to love it as much as I do on here.

And the friends? Oh the friends I have come upon! I want y'all to know, especially those who comment regularly, that I DO consider you my friends. Some of us may never have a real live conversation this side of heaven, but I absolutely consider you my friends! I go to each and every blog of those that comment here and I do mean E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. I haven't gotten around to commenting on most of them just because of time issues, but I do go and read.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank-you to all of you that come and read my warped, nonsensical ramblings. I am not normal by any sense of the word and yet some of you come back by your own free will on a daily basis. Amazing.

I can't deny the fact that you like me! You like me! (Ha Haaaa....name the actress that said that line and at what award ceremony?!?!?! There just might be a prize!!)


And now for some thoughts on pie. Specifically the one I posted about yesterday.

First of all, in case you ever doubted it.....we DID eat the pie. We are pigs, afterall. Oink.

It wasn't so much that anything went horribly wrong with it, it's just that I'm looking for a certain taste and texture. You know, just the right amount of cinnamon, not too sweet but not too tart, filling that's not too loose, etc..

This one didn't taste terrible, I just felt it could be better. Just so you know, I am relatively new to pie making. I've consumed pies for many years as evidenced by my girth, but the making part only occurred for the first time last year. I know.

Andrea, after you mentioned it I realized I did in fact forget to put the dabs of butter on the apples before putting on the top crust! (Hand slap to the head!) How could I forget the buttah?!?! DUH! That might have explained some of the taste issues. Hello.

Sarah, you're so sweet. I know you would have eaten it, even if it tasted like poo. You just seem sweet that way. Probably sitting at my kitchen table with me while drinking a large cuppa coffee, huh? :0)

Jennifer, you most definitely need to make more pie. Your family will love you. Especially those adorable kiddos!

Denise, you whisk and egg and then brush it over the crust and it creates that shiny,golden finish. It just makes it pur-dee!

Shelly, YES! If Jeremy will give up his recipe, I would LOVE to have it. And anyone else's! I'm on a pie quest, you know.


And I know some of you are raising your eyebrows and saying, "what the?" about the Target Tuesday thing, so let me explain.

I have a deep and abiding love for Target. I usually go there once a week if for nothing else than to peruse the aisles, inhaling deeply, enjoying my fix. However, that's usually not the case. More often than not money becomes involved. Okay, more often. Oh alright.....always.

If I could only shop at ONE store for the rest of my life for all of my needs it would most definitely, hands down be Target. I love them muy mucho.

Anyway, I thought just maybe I would post every other week or once a month, on a Tuesday about my Target finds. Deals or otherwise. I would call it Target Tuesday. And then if y'all wanted to comment about your deals you've found at Target we could just have us a big 'ol Target party here every other Tuesday! Woo-hoo!

And we don't even have to talk about our good deals. We can talk about bad deals, good parking spots. the dressings rooms...I don't care! Whatever floats your boat as long as it's Target!

For example, the other day I was lookin' at the Valentine's dresses in the girl's department when hanging right there next to the dresses were some black leggings with sequins at the bottom. Well, loving all things flashy like I do I looked at the price. :::GASP:::

Would y'all believe they were just a $1.98!!!!

Don't you know that both Liv and Sis are now sportin' a pair of black, flashy sequined leggings!

See! That's what I'm talking about! Sharing our Target testimonials! I can't wait to show y'all the new quilts I bought for the girl's room when we redo it!

Anyway, let me know what you think. If y'all want to participate you can and if you don't then you can just come and listen to me blabber on about scavenging the clearance racks!

Some may say this is just a scheme for me to use the blog as an excuse to have to go to Target. You know what I say to them?!

You're right!


The Burkes said...

because I watch SO much freakin tv...

The answer to the often misquoted "I can't deny you REALLY like me" would be the overly excited SALLY FEILDS! She got snubbed over and over again at the Oscars and finally won.

You can't say that VH1 never did anything for my generation ;]

Emily G. said...

They are building a Super Target just about 2 miles from my house. I am so looking forward to it.

I never use a recipe for my apple pies, or I'd share. I like to use a combo of apples, like maybe Granny Smith and Winesap, and then I just dump cinnamon and sugar and flour and nutmeg and butter on the apples, put them in a crust and there you go. Everyone including me likes it. I guess if you're really looking for specific tastes/textures that's probably not the way to go. Or maybe it is, if you want to get adventurous and experiment until you get your own perfect recipe...

Reese's Pieces said...

Ah! Okay so I had to google the quote, and I see that Mae got it- Sally Field. Although see for yourself what she says, below. :)


lol. Fun stuff. I love trivia.

Anyway, I guess I was commenting on how good your pie crust looks - the edges and the top look like a picture. Not just because it's shiny, though. I guess you've just gotten good! :)

And lastly, I LOVE Target too. I often get myself in trouble when I go there. Love everything there! Glad you're doing Target Tuesday! Can't wait for more!


Reese's Pieces said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reese's Pieces said...


here it is again, I copied it wrong.

Sarah R said...

Ok, I knew it was Sally Field, too. I use that quote with my kids and they look at me like I've lost it. Of course, I usually have, but that's different news entirely.

And yes, I'd totally eat the pie, even if it tasted like poo, ESPECIALLY if you had coffee, because coffee cures all ails. Including poo pie.

I have no recipe for that.

Sherian said...

LOVE the Target idea! It's my fav too!

So, last night I went to Target (Wednsday) to get the sickie some more Gatorade. I also had to get the 10 cats more food. 10 - can you believe it? We're down, huh? I came out of the store and low and behold guess what was on my van? A cat! I thought for a moment it was one of mine and had been riding on the van the whole time! THAT would be a story, huh? It wasn't though. It was a poor, dejected, cute, cuddly little kitty meowing very sweetly. I know what you're thinking! So....I put all my finds in the trunk, opened the bag of cat food and scooped a big scoop up and put it in the parking lot. I did bribe that kitty to come get the food but it didn't take much. I sat there and watched for awhile, took a couple of pics and drove away...WITHOUT the kitty! I felt really bad and good all at the same time. That's my Target story. Oh, and I got a good deal on some Softsoap on the clearance end rack. $1.50 for 3 bottles. :) I liked the kitty best though. :)