Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just a Slingin'

So who knew that Charlotte wasn't the only one who enjoyed hanging out in the Mei Tei with me.
Sweetie Hope was needing a little extra Momma Time so she got slung. And she liked it so much she went to sleep in about 10 minutes! Who knew?
(And as you can tell, I was soooo stylish in my sweats and t-shirt! I am nothing if not a fashion icon.)


Carla said...

Ahhhh. My sweet baby girl! What a doll!

Katie said...

We so loved our mei tei for so long, but now, not so much. He's not up for it anymore, which saddens me, but so goes life. She looks precious there.


Sarah R said...

That's almost like being pregnant again!

Christine said...

Aww so sweet that Hope needed her comfort time!

Sherian said...

Aww...I think you enjoyed it almost as much as she did. Good thing you didn't fall asleep while walking around, huh? Can you imagine having her on your back and Charlie in the front? Now that'd be a sling! And a serious chiropractor appointment! LOL