Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm Really Just Here For the Dip

So, Super Bowl XIIIVVIXILXVIII is upon us. And apparently on this day two football teams battle it out for some sort of trophy.

As you can tell, I am quite the pro football aficionado.

I am ALL OVER college football, but pro? Eh...not so much.

I do love the commercials that come with the Super Bowl, but to be totally honest....I'm only here for the food. (Of course, that is pretty much my reason for getting up every morning too, but that's beside the point.) So, while I don't necessarily care for the arrogant, overpaid, showboating pro football teams, I can manage to endure this one game because of the fact that it revolves around...well...FOOD!

And since I'm up late anyway with a congested baby (again!) and I can't go to church tomorrow today because Sis has a very sore throat and is very hoarse (ah, that would explain the unusual quiet), I thought I could talk some food.

(I am nothing if not the Segue Queen, people)

Most folks would agree that hot wings are the quintessential football food, right? A nice zingy wing dipped in a little bleu cheese (or ranch if yer a sissie) can make a girl go, "Daaang, that's good".

And what about a dip? Any good party becomes a great party with a good old fashioned cream cheese based dip, right? And throw a little bleu cheese in with that cream cheese and it becomes serendipity, baby! What could be tastier than a smelly cheese where you can actually see the mold your eating! My salivary glands are beginning to get the best of me now, so I best hush about the blue cheese.

Well, what if I told y'all that I can give you the best of both worlds? (Hey, isn't there a Hannah "I'm So Obnoxious" Montana song there somewhere?) Together at last. The marriage of the hot wing and the cream cheese into a dippy union that will tantalize the tongue like no other. Oh yes my friends, I have such a dip.

And I'm going to share it with you. Because I am all about the love. And the food.

Bleu Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dip

-2-3 cups of shredded chicken (Rotisserre is the way to go here!)
-1 bottle of buffalo wing sauce
-1 bottle of Bleu Cheese dressing (you can use less if yer a sissie)
-8 oz cream cheese, softened
-Mozarella cheese (whatever amount makes your little hearts leap for joy!)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine shredded chicken, wing sauce, bleu cheese dressing and cream cheese. Mix well. Put into 8x8 pan (or whatever size floats your boat) and top with the Mozarella. Bake in oven for 30 minutes.

Serve with some Frito's scoops. Nothin' but the scoops. No wimpy corny chip will do here, my friends. You must be able to scoo-ooop this dip to experience maximum flavor ecstasy. I promise you won't be disappointed.

And if you're brave. Really brave. You'll do what we're doing.

We're having both. The hot wings AND the Bleu Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dip. This would be because:

1. We loooove the Bleu Cheese! We rock the Bleu Cheese! And I'm fairly certain we will be burping it around midnight tonight.

and more accurately...

2. We're pigs.

'Nuf said. Happy Football, y'all! Let me know who wins!


Lizardbreath said...

I want to come to your house! Rock won't touch blue cheese!

Keri said...

This might be one of my favorite blogs. LOL!

Jo said...

I made the dip! Oh yeah, I totally made your dip! My husband loves me just a little bit more today because of you! And as a pregnant woman, I love YOU just a little bit more today! :)

Thanks a million...


KaitCav said...

You can also save the time from shredding your rotisserie chicken and use canned chicken. I think it makes the consistency better---with rotisserie I always get big clumps in my dip! I use Swanson Chicken in my Buffalo Chicken Dip since it's made with only white meat (I work for them so I know). I always get compliments on mine!