Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blogger Rant

Is anyone else having a problem with formatting their posts on blogger????

My posts and pictures have been SO jacked up lately that it is getting on my nerves!! I write a nice post and have everything arranged so neatly and hit SAVE. Then when I go to publish or preview it - it's mangled beyond repair! And then it won't let me fix it!!!!


It only happens when pictures are involved too! I export them on my Picasa editing software, does anyone know if that's the problem???

Blogger people, if you are reading ----------- I'm hating on you people and your program right about now!!!!!!

Wow. That made me feel a little better. I'm not usually one to have outbursts of anger like that. I guess that shows one thing:

Don't get between a woman and her pictures.

Hopefully, I can figure this out later and have my post up by the afternoon. Until then feel free to give me you input or talk amongst yourselves.


Be random. I do it all the time. Just ask Monk.


Anonymous said...

I also use picasa to upload my pictures and I'm not having any problems. I'm sorry I couldn't help.


Jason and Vanessa said...

I just remembered how I post blogs from picasa. First I upload the pictures from picasa and I save it as a draft. Then I go into blogger and edit the post. That should help you out a ton!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Have you thought about using Flickr? I have found it SO much easier to copy a picture into my blog post from there AND they have Picnik which is a really nice photo editing tool. Never had a wonk of trouble since using Flickr. And believe me, with Andrea at the computer helm... that is saying something BIG.

Just a suggestion. Oh, and it's free :)