Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's, Granola and Whathaveyou

So, how was y'alls Valentine's Day? Mine was pretty simple. I made up the kids V-Day bags and had them all lined up pretty just for them. You'll notice there are only 5 bags and not 6. That would be because Charlie's Valentine's gift is attached to my body and I will under no circumstances photograph them. Ahem.

We were invited to the home of some new friends from church and I was in charge of dessert. The kids got heart shaped Rice Krispie treats. The adult dessert was lemon bars. I ate both. Yea, I know....you're not surprised. My jeans sure were this morning.

We had an absolutely lovely dinner (Shrimp was involved. Oh my.) where the adults had an adult meal in a separate room from the kids. How nice, right? Of course, Hope still crawled up in my lap and ate my bread and drank my water and oh yes, even ate some of my noodles. What can I say? I'm here to serve.

I declared yesterday a Vege Day and decided to torture myself by taking the four little girls to the mall. Alone. And no, I am NOT on drugs. Apparently I only act that way sometimes. I even tried on jeans while we were there.
(My Mommy Muffin appears to baking over the tops of my jeans faster than I can buy new ones. I'm not understanding why I am gaining weight while nursing this time as opposed to LOSING!! My new nickname is going to become Junk in the Trunk Monk if my behind doesn't stop trying to store fat for the winter!)

Thankfully, Charlie slept the ENTIRE time (have I mentioned she's a good baby??) and there were no major meltdowns. I did however endure three different conversations that went like this:

Stranger: (staring)

Me: (smiling)

Stranger: Wow, you have FOUR little girls?

Me: Actually I have five.

Stranger: (mouth agape) Reeeaallly?

Grace: And we have a brother!!!!
Me: (shooting Grace the evil eye)

Stranger: (almost horror struck) SIX?

Me: Yep.

Stranger: (mulitple responses, but mostly nice today. That is a switch, I assure you.)

But one Hispanic woman cracked me up totally today! She commented on the four and then when I told her I actually had FIVE girls her eyes became huge and in her thick Spanish accent she said:

"Oh! Yore poor huspand! I don know how he doos it. All dose gir-uls. Mine woood go cah-razy!"

He does lady. He does.

After I came home and recovered some I decide to make some granola. I haven't made any since Charlotte was born and it sounded SO good to me.

Does anyone else's kitchen look like this after they cook? And am I the only one who leaves the mess for the next morning? I know. Stupid, huh?

But, oh the finished product is SO good in yogurt (which I can't have), or as cereal (which I can't have) or throw some chocolate candies in for some trail mix (which I can't have!). Why did I make this again?

Today was supposed to be ther first day of Target Tuesdays as well. I still may put the post up, but it will depend on the how the day goes. It may end up being Target Tuesday on Wednesday.

I can do that you know because it's my blog.

Or it may not be anything because if my suspicions are correct, this little girl could be the next in line for a certain stomach virus whose remains still lie on my front lawn from the last little girl who had it.

She's been sleeping with a bucket if that tells you anything.

p.s. When I went back into blogger today, amazingly the formatting wasn't doing the same crazy stuff it was doing last night. But as you can tell from this line - it is not normal. I kept typing this line BELOW Grace's picture and blogger keeps putting it next to it. SO frustrating. {{Sigh}}


Little Loveys Mom said...

ohhh what's target tues? and blogger is stupid that they won't do what we tell it....and why can't you have yogurt? and and and and

Jo said...

There is a pregnant woman (me) in Cali who MUST have that recipe for granola. I am sitting here in with my laptop DROOLING! Puhleeze!



ps... I have a ROCKIN' Peanut Butter Rice Krispie recipe. TO. DIE. FOR. It's yours... for the price of one granola recipe! :)

Jessie's Girls said...

You know its illegal to post a picture of food without including the recipe, right?