Friday, December 19, 2008

We Interrupt This Program....

It was never my intention to leave y'all HANGING concerning the birth STOR-EE conclusion. Okay, so yes it was, but still. I didn't intend on NOT concluding the story today. Especially seeing that most of you feel the need to tar and feather me because of the abrupt halt in the story. If I were George Bush y'all woulda been hurling yer stillettos at me! Are internet threats legal? Just askin'.


Today I've had company (and I LOVE company), nursed the baby, closed on a home equity loan (woo-hoo, new floors!), nursed the baby, held a slightly feverish 17 month old (blasted incisors!), nursed the baby and am heading out the door to drop Liv at a friend's house (Thanks Lizard!) to spend the night. Oh, and I'm gonna nurse the baby, head to Central Market (Keri's mecca), nurse the baby, clean the house for Liv's birthday party tomorrow (Ack! She's 6!!), nurse the baby and collapse into bed only to be wakened a few times to nurse the baby.

Anyway, haven't had much of a chance for story tellin' today. I'm sad to say that you will have to wait until Monday for the conclusion. (No throwing shoes!)

Look at it this way though, you all have something to look forward to, right?

And I figure if I don't post then I will quite possibly have to go into the Internet Protection Program to protect me from disgruntled Mommy Bloggers.

There is one of those, right?


Jill said...

You have fun with your kiddos, floors, birthday parties, tending incising children and nursing. We can wait. Kids can't, right? That is just too true for words. Have fun and blog the stor-ee when you can.

Keri said...

Central Market...mmm....(salivating)

Anonymous said...

Did you say Central Market...I'm salivating too, but mine is salivation of jealousy!!! I'm stuck here in Michigan with a foot of snow! And puleeeeeze don't say "Oh, I wish we had snow for Christmas, because frankly NO YOU DON'T!! It cancels Christmas parties, and it turns grown men into EVIL KNIEVEL!! (spelled wrong on purpose...get my point?) Anyway, hope you have fun at CM and tell Liver I said Happy Birtday, and give all the kids a big kiss for me.
Love, T.

Little Loveys Mom said...

we are probably all nursing at the same time...pee...feed baby...make kids breakfast...feed baby...get the mail...feed to store...feed baby....laundry...feed baby...woohoo!!!