Wednesday, December 03, 2008

20 Things I Love...Okay, Make It 50.

In no particular order with exception of the first 3.

1. Our gracious God
2. My awesome hubby
3. My children
4. newborn babies - not just because I'm having one either! They're all wonderful, especially their smell!
5. Afternoon showers - I can take ALL the hot water
6. my friends, old and new
7. my Suburban - really, I do
8. my church
9. music, especially the old stuff
10. sunshine
11. rain and thunderstorms - minus the tornadoes thankyouverymuch
12. taking pictures
13. the act of natural birth - it is a beautiful thing, my friends
14. Fall
15. freshly fallen snow - I don't get that anymore...{sigh}
16. Tennessee - would LOVE to live there
17. chocolate
18. Coke
19. my mom's fried chicken and catfish
20. food in general
21. fresh sheets on the bed (400 thread count or higher)
22. freshly ironed clothes
23. a good pair of cute shoes
24. helping people
26. playing softball
27. watching college football
28. Monk working from home
29. being a stay at home mom
30. writing on the blog
31. reading
32. Hope's dimples next to her nose when she squinches her face
33. Olivia's wicked sense of humor
34. Grace's freckles
35. Madison's laughter
36. Isaac's crooked smile
37. Feeling baby kicks
38. Monk playing with his girls
39. a clean house (ha! don't get that one much!)
40. hanging out with good friends
41. air conditioning
42. polka dots
43. peppermint milkshakes
44. good movies
45. breastfeeding
46. my new changing table (never had one until now!)
47. blog comments
48. books
49. good hair days
50. road trips

I found I had a hard time not listing a bunch of food. Hmmm...what does that say about me?

So, tell me 5 things y'all love. Besides me and the blog, of course. (HA!)


Jill said...

Ok here goes:

1. The Lord (couldn't do this life without Him.)
2. My hubby and kids (more than one, but I only get 5 slots, so..
3. My boys' smiles
4. Peppermint Milkshakes (thanks for passing it on, Michelle. I think of you every time I have one).
5. Tennessee---we would love to have you live here TOO! Come on down, the weather is great!
Oh, and one bonus:
6. Friends. Next to the Lord and my hubby, they make life so much more bearable.
I have a ton more, but don't want to over-do. Can't wait to read more!

Jennifer said...

1. My precious Savior
2. The Hub and kids
3. Children's laughter, esp. a belly laugh!
4. Kansas sunsets--nothing like them
5. Family near & far (altho I wish more were near!)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That's a LOT of love!! :)

It all sounds good to me - especially the newborn babies part!


TheMadMonk said...

I love me (what's not to love?) and, well, that's enough.

Sherian said...

Aww...I love this one. Although, I find myself liking much different things than you. Guess that's why we are good friends, huh? Okay, here's my list:

1. The Lord
2. My family
3. Opportunity to educate the way the Lord wants me to
4. The heritage and memories my mom left me
5. Seeing my kids enjoying life and loving the Lord.

....and YOU! My wonderful friend!