Monday, December 22, 2008

The Birth Stor-EE...I Promised

First of all, y'alls comment in the the first Birth STOR-EE post absolutely CRACKED ME UP!! You are nothing if not passionate birth story people! And a little angry too!

So. Where were we? Ah, yes...

In an exhilarating end to the first installment, we found me sitting in the pediatric dentist's office with contractions 3-4 minutes apart with possibly NO ROOM AT THE ...Birth Center!

In all honestly I realize I would not have had to give birth in like, you know, a stable, BUT....the thought did cross my mind that I might have to have an impromptu home birth. This thought did NOT make me happy. Not because I dislike home births or anything, but I hadn't cleaned my bathroom and we all know that I could not deliver this child while thinking about my DIRTY TOILET IN THE OTHER ROOM!

I would have also been apologizing in between contractions for my dusty ceiling fan and the leftover clutter in the corner. That's just how I am. Being a little neater would make my life so much easier.

That and I don't own any plastic sheets.

As Liv's appointment ended I could not have been happier. Not just because there wasn't any worthwhile reading material to consume, but because I really didn't want to give birth in a dental chair. Do you all realize just how hard it is to have a legitimate conversation with the dentist while resisting the urge to yell, "I'm having a contraction and could be in labor, can we PUH-LEEZ just get on with it!"? It is not pleasant I assure you. Anyway, we left the dentist's office with my waters intact and I was extremely relieved to be heading home.

It was now close to 5:00pm and I really needed to know if I was in labor or not. I had not contacted Ann as of yet because frankly I didn't want want to alarm her unless I was FOR SURE that I was in labor. I needed a sign other than regular contractions that were becoming stronger, longer and closer together. That apparently was not enough for me. Monk, on the other hand, made me text her. Apparently he wanted her to have the heads up JUST. IN. CASE. He was not in the mood for any possible roadside births. I texted, telling her what was going on and letting her know that I was going to take a warm shower to try and stop things. She texted back: "Two other's laboring". Ah, such comfort.

I decided to take a warm shower. I couldn't be in labor while other mother's were laboring! I needed to turn this uterus OFF! If this were false labor then a warm shower would surely bring it to a halt. I stood in a hot shower for what seemed like and eternity - at least 15 minutes - and then got out. I realized after getting out that my contractions seemed a little stronger - it was now around 6pm. At this point I pretty much figured out that yes, this was in fact labor. I told Monk of my findings and he just nodded. I don't think the man believed I was in labor. It was some serious denial that would continue throughout the evening.

(Um, that would be foreshadowing in case you have forgotten your 10th grade English class)

The kids needed to eat so Monk ran and got us some dinner - Chick Fil-A- because obviously I was in no condition to cook. Upon his return I tried to eat. I knew that I needed to eat for energy, but honestly, I just couldn't do it. I ate a little chicken and a few fries when I started to feel nauseated and so I called it quits. I continued walking around the house trying to keep things moving (boy, did I!), but by 7 pm I just needed to rest.

This was the point in which the evening just became downright humorous.

I received a text message from Ann that read, "Your uterus peaceful?". I told her no, but that the contractions were stronger and I had been trying to walk to get that second sign of labor. She told me that was fine, but I needed to rest to save my energy. This was when I decided to get on the laptop to distract myself.

I then received another text message, but this time it was from my chiropractor, Cindy. She was invaluable to me in my pregnancy and labor with Hope and she was planning on being at this birth too. She had just had her first baby in October and I felt so blessed that she would still attempt to be at my birth. But this text message was Over! The! Top! This is what it said:

Just so u know how special u r & loved...If u call needing me I am gonna pull baby jesus off the pageant stage & come 2 ur rescue :) praying 4 u

When I read this I swear I laughed so hard I probably dilated 2 centimeters! Oh my word, the whole "pulling baby jesus off the pageant stage" just cracked me up! Come on now, y'all stop and just picture that in your head! That there is funny stuff!

Now before I go any further, I need to fill you in on some things. Some history if I may. Hope's birth was not an easy birth for me. It wasn't necessarily long, but it was painful. A pain, I might add, that I wasn't expecting. She was posterior. This made the last several hours of labor very difficult for me. It not only tried my endurance, but it tried my faith in many ways. I do believe some of the first words out of my mouth after she was born were, "I love you people, but I'm NEVER doing this again.". Famous last words.

The beginning of this pregnancy was somewhat fraught with fear. I had fears of another posterior birth, a long labor, Ann not being at my birth and funny enough, having to labor at the birth center with another laboring momma. I was just overcome with worry. Not only with birth related stuff, but with personal things that were going on in my life too. But God, who is ever faithful, took those fears from me. It was only about a month and a half before the birth that this amazing peace came over me. The peace that only God could give. I was just happy and content and seriously trusting God. No more worries. I had purposed that this birth would be different. I would do different things to aid in my labor and I would simply trust God for the rest.

That's what makes the rest of this birth story so amazing.....

(and yes, I'm doing it AGAIN! But this time it's because it's almost 1 am and I have a VERY angry baby screaming in my arms as I type. These babies - they are very needy little things, aren't they?)

(The rest of the story will be tomorrow.....I promise....cause there ain't much left! ha!)


Sarah R said...

You're killing me! I have to knoooooow. Yes, I'm whining!

Jill said...

I love the story so far! I loved the visual image of the baby Jesus yanked from the stage and rushed to your side! How appropriate! Anyway, can't wait to read the rest, but glad you took time to see to the screaming child. It makes for a better story if it doesn't have to be written between shushes.

Hope you have a great day!

Christine said...

Now I am not sure if I can sleep tonight without the sequel. ;)

Jennifer said...

Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I think you're just making up the whole 'baby is screaming to be fed' line. You just like leaving us hangin! ;) Waiting patiently...sort of. hehe!