Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just So You're In the Know....Ya Know?

Hey kids.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I lost access to the laptop this weekend. It is gone. It belonged to My Boy and being the sweet thang that he is, he left it with me as long as possible. But as we all know, all good things must come to an end at some point....and he took the dang thing away from me this weekend!


For the time being I am cursed to life on the desktop computer. OH THE PAIN!!


But seeing that I'm not supposed to be up at the desktop quite yet (per midwife's orders), that means my blogging escapades will have to come to a screeching halt for a bit. And just so you know, I am NOT at the desktop typing at this very moment. Wink. Wink. No ma'am, I am NOT. Wink. Wink.

Anyway, the Birth Stor-ee was almost done when my precious the laptop was repossessed. So I will now have to wait for Monk to let me use his. Which means an evening of thumb wrestling. But don't worry, I can take him.

Since he's off this week, helping to hold down the fort, I might get to finish up THE STOR-EE relatively quick, BUT don't count on it. After this week things could get really ugly around here. Involving me with no laptop that is.

(Think postpartum, hormonal woman with no way to express herself.) {{Shudder}}

So I'm going to send this link (in Spring Green) to Monk daily until Christmas. Think he'll get the hint? And while I'm at it, I'll send him this one too.

Am I asking too much? I mean, I did just give birth to his child and all. I think it's the least he could do.


TheMadMonk said...

Huh? I don't get it.

Jennifer said...

Give him takes a little longer for these men of ours to get our hints (subtle or not!) hehe
I can't believe you're going to make us wait even longer to hear Charlotte's spectacular arrival story!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

New Acer Extensa 5620Z fully loaded laptop with Windows Vista, you can pick up for about $500 @ Circut City.

Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3290
RAM 3.00GB 32-bit Operating System

Love it


Jill said...

I hereby begin the petition to get Michelle a laptop. I can't contribute, of course, but just like all these celebrities that campaign for things they don't actually contribute to: GET THE GIRL A LAPTOP! WE ARE ALL DYING TO HEAR THE SPECTACULAR BIRTH STORY TOLD AS ONLY MICHELLE CAN TELL IT!!! I have never met you, Mr. Monk, but you HAVE to put us all out of our misery and get this woman a laptop. We can't get through the day without a blog from Michelle. Laughter is the best medicine, you know.

Little Loveys Mom said...

tell him thats ur baby birthing pressie! both!