Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Not To Alarm You Nice People, But...

I'm pretty sure I'm in labor.

Contractions started around 2pm, but after last Tuesdays charade, I was not paying any attention whatsoever to my fickle uterus.

We have not been on speaking terms for over a week now.

Apparently, it is trying to apologize and has gotten down to business in the last couple of hours. I'm now listening.

Contractions are between 2-3 minutes apart right now. Breathing through them has become necessary.

The goal is to "try" and update you, but if things get a little, you know, pushy....we may not be able to do that!

Y'all can understand that, can't you? :)


Jill said...

I am right there with you, girl! (in spirit, which frankly is the best way to be there, you know, no goo to deal with) Anyway, here goes...heee, heee, heee, hooo, heee, heee, heee, hooo, I hope this is it! I am so excited!

Sherian said...

Praying, praying, praying! ...and listening to my daughter giggle, scream and all that jazz with excitement. Love you bunches!
......Come on Charlie be nice to momma!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!! The kids and I just prayed for you about 10:35. God may not answer my prayer though.... I asked that you would get a good nights sleep as you prepare to have this baby! :-)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I was praying that you would go into labor. Not that I did anything all glory to God! Yeah I'm excited!

Vanessa D