Monday, December 29, 2008

Sleep Deprivation. Alternately Titled: I'M LOSING MY MIND!

So I was going to post some wonderful Christmas-y pictures on here, but....I've been too exhausted to mess with actually downloading and editing anything these last few days.


Well, it's this little thing that I have called....a baby.

Oh yes, our little Charlie is quite the night owl, she is. Most of the time our wee party baby enjoys screaming from around 11 pm until 1 or 2 am. Saturday night I had the distinct privilege of being kept awake until 3 am! With the added bonus of Grace waking us up at 3:37 am (I know this cuz I looked at the clock!) with great RETCHING noises! That and she was screaming, "I'M THROWING UP!!" from the hall bathroom.

I had approximately 37 minutes of sleep before this occurred. Oh the joy. Monk, who is in his own sleep deprived haze, was kind enough to get up and let me just lay in the bed in a semi comatose state. This is the man who used to dry heave upon changing a poopy diaper and now he cleans up vomit. I love him so.

I have always been somewhat of a night owl. In college I was the party room (well as much as one could party at a Baptist college. But fun times, right Jill?). When I had a few less children it was nothing for me to stay up until 2 am cleaning the whole house. I usually get a second wind around 11 pm and am good for a few more hours.

But this baby thing? It's kickin' my booty.

I've mentioned before that whoever said the older you get the less sleep you need ~ lied. It is a fallacy from the pits of hell itself. I am an "older" mother and I'm getting a lot less sleep. It has not been kind to me, my friends.

It affects me physically in many, many ways. Last night was the worst yet. I was physically ill, telling Monk that I thought I was going to vomit from being so tired. My stomach was not only upset, but cramping with diarrhea pains as well. I was weepy and felt as if I could quite literally pass out. These are the joys of sleep deprivation.

The other morning afternoon after I showered I was using my eye makeup remover and I just could not get all the mascara from beneath my eyes. After a few minutes I realized that it was not in fact mascara under my eyes. No, I discovered that the deep dark discoloration was a permanent fixture. "New baby" circles. Dark circles. The kind that don't go away unless one gets sleep. I am, in fact, a raccoon. No amount of concealer can completely cover these bad boys. I know. I've tried.

Also, the other night while trying to nurse, I couldn't get my sweet girl to latch on. I, as well as she, was getting more and more frustrated by the minute. It was then that I realized that it would help if I actually put my nipple in her mouth and quit trying to shove it up her nose. This makes breastfeeding a whole lot more productive. I'm just sayin'.

I've also learned that late night screaming babies improve one's prayer life quite a bit. The line, "please Jesus, let her go to sleep" has crossed my lips more than I can even count. It has made me sorely aware of my own inadequacy and just how much I need God in all aspects of my life. Children do that to you, ya know? Self examination becomes mandatory when one becomes a parent.

Am I whining? Nope. Just keeping it real.

So, despite my lack of sleep and feeling like I'm going to lose my mind on occasion, I just want you all to know... is good. Tired. But good.

(p.s. The desktop piece of junk computer did something weird with my pics, that's why there haven't been any. Monk will come to my rescue later)

(p.p.s. We looked at laptops this weekend too!! Wait for it....wait for it....)


Jill said...

1. Let me say that those college days were good times (even for a Baptist college)

2. I wonder how we did manage to stay up till all hours.

3. I sincerely want to thank you for reminding me why having a hubby who refuses to have more kids isn't always a bad thing.

I had a kid who didn't sleep through the night for 7 years! Now that he has been sleeping through the night for over a year, I got the weird idea that I should have just one more baby before I am too old......maybe I am now thinking I will just hold and snuggle everyone elses kids and send them home while I bury myself beneath my comfy covers and enjoy each restful night! Ok, maybe I still want another baby just a smidgen, but thanks for reminding me it isn't all roses and sweet baby smells! Hope you get some sleep soon. I have 7 year old racoon eyes, and they will NOT go away! I'll be praying for you!

Reese's Pieces said...

I SO hear ya on this one! Although I can't relate as much because I only have 2, I can totally understand the no sleep thing! I have some stories, too! What is it with these little party animals? Then they want to be cute and sleeping during the day! Oh well...from one sleepy mommy to another - I'll be praying for you to get some rest *soon*!

Jennifer said...

I do NOT handle sleep deprivation well. At. All. I've had racoon eyes for as long as I can remember! (allergies contribute to that, too)
Also, yea for the final installment! :) Thank you for not leaving us hanging again!! I cannot believe no one else knew she came out! That is too funny. I love it when God shows us His sense of humor!! :) What a story.
Hope you can get some sleep soon...

Jes said...

I remember those days all too well. Our little one used to do that whole 11-2 screaming thing too, then we discovered she was allergic to milk, once I stopped consuming dairy products things calmed down with her and she started to sleep more and more.

We used to whisper those prayers of sleep over her too! I'll be praying your little one decides she likes to sleep at night. :)

Sarah R said...

I just laughed way too hard at the nipple up the nose thing.
The other day, I tried to open up my front door by clicking the remote button on my car keys, and I walked right into my door and gave myself a nosebleed. And I don't have a new baby! My youngest is 10!!!
I babysat for a 6 week old today and I wanted a nap and a blanky after the third hour. I hear ya.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

You never fail to make me laugh.... even at the most miserable things to happen to a mother. :)

I remember hitting that wall with Eliza. I got my booty kicked BAD. But... I eventually got up and kicked back :) I'm cheering you on, girl!!!!

And, I'm waiting... :)


Brandy said...

Our youngest is almost 3 months now, so things have gotten a little easier ... but I must say, this part:

"It was then that I realized that it would help if I actually put my nipple in her mouth and quit trying to shove it up her nose. This makes breastfeeding a whole lot more productive. I'm just sayin'."

Made me laugh out loud! My husband looked over at me like I was crazy until I read it to him. He knows I went through that same thing when lil' one was only a week or so old.

I feel for ya, but as you know it'll get a bit easier when she gets a bit older. Praying you have an easier night tonight ... and that you can get some sleep.
Now I must go. Speaking of lil' one, she's currently yelling at me ... she's fighting sleep tonight.


Angela said...

Hmmmm, wondering if Aunt Angela needs to come over and quiet her down...oh, wait, I'll be sleeping!