Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And You Thought I'd Forgotten - The Last of the TV Posts

Alright. It's been a while since I've posted on this, so if you're just coming in on this thread and you need to catch up you can go here, here , here and here.

There, now you're caught up.

For those of you that have been reading, this will be my final thoughts on the subject. Final is subjective y'all, so if I am so inclined to "touch" on it again, I do reserve my right to do so.

Because, after all, it is my blog. So, nah.

Some Most of you are Happy Dancing around your computers right now, but a few may be just a wee bit sad that it's coming to an end. Okay, so maybe not. But a girl can dream, can't she?

So. Here we go.

3. The dumbed down portrayal and effemination of fathers.

This has to be one of my biggest issues with the television. Gone are the days where the father and husband are portrayed as the leader, full of wisdom and respected by his wife and children. Now we just get these dumb, unassuming dolts, who can't seem to do anything right. Whose wife leads the family because the father is just to big and stupid to do so. And whose children have zero respect for him because after all, he knows nothing.

This just SO goes against scripture! God laid out a clear, concise plan as to who is to lead the family (Eph 5:22-24) and who is head of the home. We sit and laugh at these big idiots all in the name of humor, not stopping to think that this goes completely against God's plan. Why is it that we can read God's Word, nodding and agreeing yet when it comes to our entertainment, our self gratification, everything we believe goes out the window? We find that the dumb dad's are funny, the gay characters are just hilarious and as long as it's entertaining us then it's fine. When did what Scripture says become optional (I Thes 5:22)?

2. Commercials

This again is mostly subjective, but I'll go ahead a give my two cents on the subject. I will admit that there are some funny commercials out there. But mostly...trash. It is a barrage of the latest and greatest that encourages us to be discontented with what we have. There are some that are so suggestive that they are embarrassing to me. And frankly, where my children are concerned, it is yet one more thing to encourage them that they don't have enough.

I could go on, but it is mostly just a bunch of what I've said under the previous points and you wouldn't want to get me goin' again, now would you?

And finally...the last one! Can you believe it? THE LAST ONE!

1. It divides the family.

Some of you will either get this or you won't. Most that won't get it do not look at family the same way we do. And that's fine. Remember, these are my opinions and convictions.

When there are four different televisions in the house and the parents and children are spread all over the house, it is very difficult to nurture and develop relationships. When parents are watching their show, which isn't appropriate for children, the children have to be somewhere else. When the kids are blaring Dora the Explorer and the parents want to beat their head on the wall rather than listen to "where are we going?" 3 or 295 times, they leave the room. What ends up happening is that no one spends any time together and before long television and shows become more important than family.

Don't tell me it doesn't happen that way because I've seen it happen in my own home.

I truly think that Satan loves the boob tube because if he can put enough space between husbands and wives or parents and children, then it is a little easier for him to accomplish his agenda. He wants our children's minds and he wants our marriages to fail. When we spend countless, mundane hours in front of the tube and allow our children to do the same, then guess what?

He wins, y'all!

Plain and simple, that pretty much sums up how I feel.


Now, I'm sure you're asking yourselves (or not) does she watch any T.V. at all?

Why yes I do. On a regular basis I watch one show a week. A one hour show and that's it. I will occasionally watch something on the Food Network or a home improvement channel, but really nothing else. I do not count the news in this. But I still only watch the news a few times a week.

The way I see it, T.V. reminds me of the Lay's Potato Chip advertisements. You know the one? Where they're eating the chips and they say, "you can't eat just one". Well for me, television used to be the same way. I couldn't watch just one show. It turned into multiple shows and before long, my evenings were taken up with watching my shows and not spending quality time with my family. So, my solution was to watch nothing. I then managed to do the one show a week thing and it works for me.

Now some of you might be asking, "what about DVDs?". Well, I watch them too.

But I say that with this caveat: We have purchased a ClearPlay DVD player which has made watching a DVD much more enjoyable and much easier. I highly recommend them as they can filter out violence, nudity, profanity and blasphemy, which was a really big deal for me.

They are very cool to say the least.

So, there are my thoughts on the subject. I hope it wasn't too torturous for anyone who still might be reading here. For the record, my stats have not recovered since the first set of posts on the subject, so this post might be considered suicide.

Alas, so is life.

Let me hear your thoughts on the subject. Did you disagree? Did I make you mad? Do you agree?

A rousing debate in the comment section might be fun. And to those of you (you know who you are) that want to play devil's advocate because you think its fun...

Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

All, I can say is AMEN!!! We were just watching the animal planet, what can be bad about animals? Well, the narrator has to add bad innuendos and the commercials are so bad.. I am glad we have DVD.

Thanks for being bold and sharing about the Devil's Vision!

Love, Rosa

Shelly said...

I think all the dumbing down of husbands is why it's so easy for wives to talk down about their husbands. Just little comments that might seem funny because it'd been on a typical sitcom but is so not how we are to submit to them.

I'm just so glad to have my dvr so we pretty much never see commercials. Such a waste of my time.

We're not at the point of your last one yet so I don't have much to say. What shows we watch, we watch together.

Hope you're all feeling better! We've missed everyone!

Lizardbreath said...

I have to agree. So for now...the TV is off if we can't all watch together, and the kids can forget about having their own TV set (or phone). Our ClearPlay is on the way and thank the Lord for the DVR. Now I am not inundated with commercials nor am I tempted to watch more than I ment to watch because when the recorded show is over it is over. I also feel no need to hurry up and watch because I can watch a little and then come back later. I have also been known to just erase a show because it has been on there so long.

Lizardbreath said...

Oh, and last time I checked my DH was an awesome, wickedly smart, and multi-talented man. Just ask his kids.

Michelle said...

Ooooh Rosa,

I highly recommend the ClearPlay!

Ooooh Shelly,

The ClearPlay makes movie watching so much more pleasant without all the blasphemy, nudity and other garbage. I still highly recommend it!

Ooooh Lizard,

Yeah for the ClearPlay!!

BTW, Your Rock and My Monk sound like awesome men!! Yeah for Real Men!!!

mindi said...

Unfortunately, television is INGRAINED into our society. Kevin loves it. He watches it a lot when he wants to unwind and relax. I try not to nag about it, but it really does bother me. With him gone, the television hardly comes on anymore.
I wish we could get the Clear Play, but that's a bit steep for us right now. Especially after an unexpected $200 VET VISIT!!!!
Anyway, I'm with part of what you say, but not all of it . . .

Jedi Miller said...

just a side note i have heard that the clear play is now $89 bucks at Best buy...