Thursday, March 06, 2008

Three to Zip: The Germs are Winning

Remember in this post how I said that I woke up with a sore throat and Sis had a fever?

Well, I still do and so does she.

And now, Liv has the fever too.

The germs seem to be taking over our relatively healthy household. Monk was sick a few weeks back with bronchitis that he thought was just allergies. Actually, the only reason he went to the doctor was because I lovingly told him his constant coughing was becoming annoying. Well, let me tell you...I got mine.

I went to the doctor today and guess what? Only the startings of bronchitis. That is problematic for me because the startings usually turn into the Full Fledged Plague and when that happens?

We is all in trouble then.

Because the Full Fledged Plague takes me FOR-EV-VER to get rid of. And I have places to go and people to meet! Really, I do. Monk and I are taking a trip in a few weeks and I don't want to be sick. A bona fide get on an airplane and fly somewhere trip.

Never mind the fact that I really hate cruising at an altitude of 30,000 feet where if something goes wrong I will fall to the ground, crashing to my death in a fiery ball of flames. Never mind the fact that because I'm nursing an infant I will not be able to take a strong narcotic to make me forget about Fiery Deaths, but will have to face my fear head on while holding said infant on my lap.

But really, I'm good. And I digress. We were talking germs.

Sis is on day six of fever and I finally broke down and took her to the doctor yesterday. The Doc thinks it started as a virus and moved into a secondary infection. A sinus infection. The poor baby has a major sinus headache. And Liv? Well, she's only just begun her fever and if there is a pattern to be followed than she will still have fever through the weekend. Oh joy.

Let's just pray that Baby Girl is protected by the MommyMilkSuperPowers. She's been protected before and I'm really hoping for it to continue. It will hurt me terribly if I've lost some of my Super Powers.

Madgirl is starting to have a little sore throat, but is trying to cut it off at the pass. And The Boy is pretty healthy still. It's like Russian Roulette around here when someone gets sick. You pretty much sit around waiting to see if you're going to be the next one to get it or if it will pass you by all together. Don't be fooled though. Most of the time? You get it.

And what do sick children do around here?

This one plays on the computer. She's still pretty cute for being sick, huh? Messy hair and all.

This one just looks pitiful. But in a really cute way.

And what do the well children do?

MadGirl and Baby Girl (Please do not tell the MadGirl about this picture. She would not be happy about the double chinnage going on here.)

The Boy

Apparently, they sleep. Which when you think about not a bad idea.

I think I'll go do the same.


Anonymous said...


We have some of the same germs here...Hope ya'll feel better soon!

Love, Rosa

mindi said...

Oh, I'm sorry!! We've gone through that several times - this time it's just the baby. AGAIN. Another ear infection and constant fussiness.
I hope you guys heal up and feel better soon, sleep sounds heavenly :)