Monday, March 03, 2008

When Good Recipes Go Bad

I'm not quite sure where to begin. I've had a string of cooking and baking mishaps lately and just when I thought it was over, Saturday happened.

I should have known better when I woke up with a sore throat (not as bad as Sis who was running a temperature of 102). This, after bragging to two different people on Friday about how well I had been in the midst of other's illnesses. I'll know next time to keep my big, fat trap shut.

Pride before the fall, y'all. Pride before the fall.

I had a list of things I needed to accomplish Saturday. Namely making a big batch of cookie dough that was to be frozen for future cookies. This little item had been on my To Do List all week long and kept getting postponed. I figured since I didn't feel too well and I didn't feel like doing the big cleaning I had planned, I could at least get the cookie dough finished.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip was my cookie of choice. I feel a little better about these because they at least have some oatmeal in them, plus I do add some whole wheat flour to make them a little more healthy. I try where I can people.

I needed to double the recipe to be able to bake some for us now and freeze some for later. Simple enough, right? Apparently not. Math is not my thing and adding fractions, as in recipes, is pure torture to me.

After I had made up the dough, I scooped 48, yes 48 dough balls out on a cookie sheet and placed them in the freezer. That's four dozen for the mathematically impaired. I left enough dough out to bake two dozen for the family for the coming week.

Oh, who am I kidding. Two dozen for the next two days.

Anyhoo, I put the cookies in the oven, set the timer for 10 minutes and set off about my business. When the timer went off and I opened the oven door, I was aghast! Something had gone horribly wrong. Horribly, tragically wrong.

All I could thing of was the fact that I had used a pound of butter. That's four sticks, y'all! Of my precious butter! And OH MY WORD, I had 48 dough balls (four dozen!) in the freezer! The horror of it all.

And this is what my cookies looked like:

Momma was not happy 'bout this. No, indeedy.

They were just...wrong! I went over and over in my head if I had left anything out. I scoured the recipe looking for things I could have missed, but I just couldn't remember. Obviously I had erred somewhere. I figured it was me and my math issue. I'm quite certain it was due to the fact that I failed my second semester of geometry in 11th grade. How could I have known that it would come back to haunt me 20 21 years later? I could not would not throw that cookie dough out though!

There was simply too much butter invested in this recipe to throw out that cookie dough! It would have been like throwing out one of my very own children over a bad haircut. I could fix it.

I called my sister and we brainstormed for a few minutes. All we could think of was adding some more flour. The cookies were not firm and that seemed the logical conclusion. So, I took the remaining dough I had and added a little flour. I baked three cookies just to see if it was enough.

Lo, and behold, we had a viable cookie! So I finished up the rest of that batch and then pulled the dough balls from the freezer. They would need doctoring as well. I certainly hope frozen dough can be unfrozen and refrozen or all was for naught. If you know the answer to this and it is not a pleasant one, please refrain from telling me so. I just don't think my buttery heart could take it.
Ask yourself. Could you have thrown this away?

Finally, after many hours of what was supposed to be the easiest task of the day, I had finally completed the cookies. This in the midst of doctoring fevers, nursing the baby, holding the baby, pulling cat hair from the baby's fingers, nursing the baby some more and doing laundry. Whew.

Ah, yes. That's more like it.

48 dough balls of deliciousness ready for the freezer

The day wasn't a total bust though. After I got the cookie situation under control and finished, I was able to give Baby Girl her bath. Then I slathered her in the delicious smelling Burt's Bees Baby Bees Buttermilk Lotion and put her jammies on her. And then the best part of all? I nursed her to sleep.

And that folks, pretty much made the day near perfect.

Oh yeah, that and the fact that Monk came home from the store with these:

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