Monday, March 17, 2008

Me and Martha? We Are No Longer Tight

As evidenced by my blog header, I like crafty things. When time permits, I can come up with some pretty decent crafty things. I'm not and organized crafter or a complicated crafter, but I really enjoy crafts that involve minimal effort with great results.

Many of you have seen on my blog that I will occasionally participate in Rocks in My Dryer's Works For Me Wednesday. Back in October I posted about making toddler crayons with existing broken crayons. You can find the original post here. This is one of those easy crafts with minimal effort yet great results (it really is essential that you go back and read that post).

I'm gettin' to my point here eventually y'all, just bear with me a little longer.

Well, about 3 weeks ago I picked up a copy of Martha Stewart's Good Things For Kids. It is a little mini magazine that has all sorts of neat kid friendly ideas in it. And you know I really wanted this little magazine because I was willing to shell out the $3.95 for it! $4.95 for those poor Canadians. You know, you must really love to read in Canada to pay that much because they really do get ripped.

I'm digressing again.

So I finally picked this thing up and really gave it a good thorough reading. I was enjoying myself immensely until I turned to pages 74-77. It was then that I gasped!

Martha stole.. ripped me off.. took my toddler crayon idea! Oh, yes she did!

Here is her page:

And here is one of my pics:

Can you see the similarities? Huh? Huh? Can you? Martha snagged my gig people!

So what if she has shiny, new heart-shaped pans! So what if she has professional photographers perfectly placing her color coordinated crayons! It was my idea FIRST!

But really, I'm not bitter. And my post was much funnier than her dry, crusty, old magazine any day.

Anyway, I just wanted to document it that you heard if FIRST here, at The Monk's Wife.

Oh, and Martha? If you're reading here...

It is most definitely NOT a good thing to take the ideas of middle class, suburbanite, God-fearing homemakers. And why? Well, you may have a bazillion dollars sister, but guess what?

I've got a blog and I know how to use it.


mindi said...

Ha ha ha!!!
Now I want that magazine :)
We did the crayons, too, but I got it from a craft website. They must have stolen it too!!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Thief! Big 'ol rich thief.

She's got nothing on you ;)